Black Taxi from NYC and The Hongs at Tobacco Road June 8th, 2013

Black Taxi from NYC and The Hongs
Tobacco Road
June 8th, 2013 @ 10 pm. No cover till 9pm.


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BLACK TAXI is one of NYC's most prominent live acts, smashing an anything-goes punk ethos together with pop sensibilities, unparalleled energy, and brilliant songwriting. The result is a raucous stage show, heavy on harmonies, spitfire guitar licks, body paint, and all manner of instrumentation. Their style has been described varyingly as "grit-pop" or "dance punk", and though their songs hint at the Talking Heads, Cake, and Daft Punk, they are driven by something entirely new and infectious. BLACK TAXI songs can be heard on radio stations from Maine to California, accompany hit TV shows, provide the soundtrack for film, and hit the airwaves on commercial airlines. Their music video "Shoeshine" found a success of it's own as an Official Nominee for the Webby Awards. Their most recent video "Hand" debuted on AOL Music and 2012's "We Don't Know Any Better" streamed on Spinner for a week following the release.

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"There is something very delicate and ephemeral about the Hongs. Their music sounds like something that reverberates in hallways in those moments before sleep hits.

I'm talking about serenity -- because there is something very serene about this EP. It somehow manages to guide a slow dance that still boasts moments of unrestrained energy. Stylistically, it dips into the wells of New Wave, shoegaze, and sugary pop.

Gordon Myers plays a casual bass that allows his bandmates, guitarist Aaron Lebos on guitar and drummer Rodolfo Zuñiga, to soar while allowing his voice to hit impressive ranges.

There is something sultry about his vocals; you almost believe it in "Charade" when he tells you he'll be "the only love you'll need tonight." (That track, incidentally, also features Didi Gutman from Brazilian Girls.)

"Huh" is airy and atmospheric, slightly robotic with appropriate Casio-tones peppered throughout. "Under Standing" features Afrobeta's Smurphio, and his influence is clear here, with almost light electro sound melded with the band's usual slightly Gothic approach.

All in all this EP is 15 minutes of syrupy bliss that engage and soothe." Abel Folgar

Miami New Times - Local Motion: The Hongs By Abel Folgar

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