Cosford Cinema presents Godard's "WEEKEND"

GET READY FOR THE CRAZIEST WEEKEND EVER AT COSFORD CINEMA. Come for the exclusive premiere of Jean-Luc Godard’s controversial counterculture classic WEEKEND, being re-released on a new 35mm print! Possibly one of the darkest, most shocking, films ever made, WEEKEND is a blistering critique of consumer culture and the perils of capitalism. A revolutionary film that anticipated the student revolts of May ’68 in Paris, WEEKEND is perfectly in sync with the rhetoric of today as the Occupy Movement continues to grow. This Cosford Classic is both timely and timeless.

WEEKEND follows Corinne and Roland, a young affluent couple, on the road trip from hell as they travel to the county to collect the inheritance from Corinne’s dying father. Once wealthy, each plans to kill the other and join their respective lovers. Along their way, Corinne and Roland encounter absurd traffic jams (even by Miami’s standards), burning wreckage, omnipotent car-jackers, a Bronte sister, fairy tale characters, and some revolutionary cannibals.

Don’t miss this electric dark comedy about the collapse of civil society as part of the Shock Me, Shock Me: A Cinema of Transgression series and the Cosford Classics series – bringing classic films back to the big screen on celluloid! Warning : there are images of graphic violence.

Friday-Feb 24, 9PM
Saturday- Feb 25, 8PM & 12am
Sunday- Feb 26, 5:30