Women of Faith & Empowerment Alliance 5th Annual Women’s Conference

Who: Come In The House Outreach Ministry
Bishop Carlin A. Towels Sr. & Pastor Susan Towels
1318 South Adams Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(850) 224-1982

When: May 24-26 2013
May 24 @ 3:00pm
May 25 @ 8:00am
May 26 @ 8:00am

Why: Our goal is to revive, rejuvenate, and restore the laughter that has been long lost because of the weight of the world. Come join us and be a part of something that is sure to restore, rejuvenate, and awaken the gifts that you have allowed to lie dormant because of mental and emotional burnout. There will be something at the conference for every woman regardless of your position in ministry or your everyday walk in life.

Email: unveilingthewomanoffaith@gmail.com

Theme: “Unveiling the Woman of Faith”

For more information please contact The Women of Faith & Empowerment Alliance Team Pastor Towels (850) 408-0800, Sister Barbara @ (850) 765-2918, Sister Melissa @ (850) 212-2812, Sister Angel @ (850) 228-2144, and Sister Marchelle @ (919) 268-5783. We look forward to seeing you there!!!