Opposite Box, The Eclectic Tuba and Fall on Purpose

Opposite Box, The Eclectic Tuba and Fall on Purpose
Tobacco Road ♫ Miami's Best Rock Club - Miami NewTimes 2013♫
Tuesday July 9th, 2013
Showtime at 10pm • No cover

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Opposite Box is a whirlwind of genre-shifting excitement and mind-bending confusion landing somewhere between the avante-garde eclecticism of Frank Zappa and Mr. Bungle and the improvisational stylings of The Secret Chiefs 3 and Parliament Funkadelic.

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The Eclectic Tuba is an instrumental psychedelic space-funk group that originated on Mars and migrated toward Birmingham Alabama in early 2012. The Eclectic Tuba takes the audience on a joy ride through the cosmos with trippy lights, ripping synthesizers, funky tuba loops, latin percussive grooves, and soaring saxophone solos.

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Fall On Purpose was started about 10 years ago when Matthew Bistok (vocals / lead guitar) and Anthony "AAADog" Russ (drums) got together and started jamming. They later found Jim Morey (trumpet) - now of the Jim Morey Band - that started the horn section to what the band has today. Fall On Purpose started playing gigs without finished original songs or cover materials, improvising for up to 4 hours a night. From those jams and the written music Matthew Bistok had writen over a lifetime, their songs began to come together. They soon secured a bass player, Jen "Funky Funkarella" Medina, who brought a solid, punchy bass with perfect timing and total structure making the band's core solid. They also found an amazing beat box street performer named Curtis "Black Zeppa" Hunt Jr., who added percussion, background vocals, beat box, hip-hop lyrics and an amazing energy on stage.

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For more info call 305.305.3976
Visit us at www.tobacco-road.com

Opposite Box, The Eclectic Tuba and Fall on Purpose