Global Cuba Fest featuring Yusa and Danay Suarez

For the first time in Wynwood- our annual celebration of Cuban music!

Listening to the bitter-sweet lyrics of Cuban singer Yusa and the simple sophistication of her music, one knows one is finally hearing 21st century Cuba. Her cutting-edge songs map the contemporary emotional lives of urban Havana. Fused inside her music are traces from further afield, from iconclastic jazz and rock to today's Brazil. Full of the vital energy of experimentation and the textures of musical exchange gained in intimate venues, Yusa offers a whole new way of hearing Cuba.

Danay Suárez, self-taught Cuban singer of jazz and hip hop, began her music career through the Cuban rap movement. She could rap “with perfect flow and compelling, conscious lyrics” and she could also sing jazz, soul, reggae, blues, and more, with the same ease. By fusing elements of hip hop with jazz and traditional Cuban music, Danay has been celebrated around the world as an impeccable vocalist and poignant storyteller.
Venue: The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, 404 NW 26 Street, Miami, FL 33127
Tickets: $30-$50 VIP, $50 Festival Pass


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