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In the Spotlight: Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions

By posted Oct 12, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Today's album review covers the delicious debut album of Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions. Read on for a stellar account of this experimental goodness.

I have only two words for those of you who are living under a rock and have never heard of Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions: GET FAMILIAR. Telekinetic Walrus is a Miami-based band comprised of four core "ions" (members) who generate an intellectual and unique sound that is receiving a lot of attention here in South Florida and online.

The band breakdown

Jake Fletcher, better known to intergalactic humanity as the Time Zoo Keeper (TZK), is the lyrical mastermind/beatboxing maverick of the group. Whether I am listening to the album or watching a live performance, I cannot help but feel commanded by his captivating delivery of insightful verse. Lyrics from the song "Monocle" serve as a prime example of his brilliantly executed poetry:

I've got a monocle of the greater space and time.

Why focus on the fears that be before you?

Instead, you should focus on the rhyme.


Some would like to get my monocle, try'n use it for a crime.

No success in that category, you see, it derives naturally

From the sublime and that's where it broadcasts me.


So, I've got my monocle. Floating on a giant comet's where I reside.

And I hollowed out the inside so if aliens attack, I can put on

A full-out guerrilla resistance 'cause there's plenty of tunnels where I can hide.

It is as if the lyrics were programmed innately to the beats they complement. It comes as no surprise that the Time Zoo Keeper and YDiz (producer) have been creating music together since childhood. Wyatt Meagher, better known as YDiz in the galaxy world, is the avant-garde beat master who crafts a variety of sounds incorporating trip-hop, acid jazz, and an unrivaled blend of electronic beats to create a richly psychedelic and experimental dance experience. As if that isn't impressive enough, he also reproduces all of his beats on the fly during live performances.

Aleah McGehee, the creative resistance better known as Aleah Axiom in the celestial universe, flaunts a ferocious attitude when she performs electro-classical bassoon. Watching the punk princess play is comparable to actively getting roundhouse kicked in the face with spice-infused bassoon hits and enjoying every minute of it.

Charlie Winkler, known as Science Elder Z43-CBF in the cosmos, is responsible for the impeccable mastering of the album. The flawless production quality can be compared to that of any professional in the music business today. Additionally, the mad scientist adds unique effects to his counterparts that attach an extraterrestrial sensation in a simultaneously animated and subtle matter.

The album... a constant deluge of rump-shaking beats that involuntarily make your booty bump. It's entertaining in a smart and invigorating way from track 1 to track 14.

The effortless transition from "Journey" into "Bioluminesence of a Whale" is intoxicating. The entering blitzkrieg beats of "Bioluminescence" forces even the most level-headed homosapiens to wibble, wobble, shake, and shimmy into outer space.

And who doesn't LOVE "Pet Bald Eagle." The rowdy lyrics so flawlessy paired with contagious rhythms could start a gyration nation.

The perfect word to describe "Iguanas in a Pool": badass. The salacious sounds that cause you to frolic: badass. The rebellious rhymes that make any booty bump: badass. "Iguanas in a Pool" is a must see live in concert.

"Greatest High" is what I consider the slow and starry-eyed track on the album. I feel its melody cast my body out to sea like a fishing net--and I slowly fall into the depths of profound poetics and intricately exotic sounds. Corinne Stevie, accomplished artist and featured MC, delivers inspiring words that are transparently channeled from her soul:

This is we. We are now. We are riding on the clouds

And you're wondering how. I live for the smiles,

Live for the frowns. Whatever it is, I'm thinkin' big.

I'm fly like pigs, if they could fly. I'm too fly.

And how could I go on without mentioning the grand finale, "Dinosaurs of Jebimbeblu"? The band goes all out on their final track with an intense wave of bass coupled with trippy effects on TZK's voice. At the end of the album, listeners are left wanting more of their musical genius. One cannot help but feel that way during their live performances, which end in the blink of an eye. The crowd begs for an encore just to hear one more. They prevail, and the band always delivers an extra tune.

Looking forward

As Telekinetic Walrus plant their feet firmly in the experimental music world with their self-titled debut album, the future is bright for these kids as they prepare to take off running.

I deem it is the best new music of 2010, receiving a review of 9.5/10 stars. If you live in the South Florida area, this IS the band to check out. Hands down. Everyone else--listen to the album, spread their sound, and soon enough Telekinetic Walrus will be throwing it down in a city near you.

Check out...

Telekinetic's album, available for free download

Telekinetic's MySpace

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