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Album Review: Wave 1

By Matt Noble posted Mar 23, 2014 at 01:24 AM

Com Truise is back in 2014 with his newest EP, Wave 1

Com Truise returns to our galaxy in 2014 with Wave 1, his latest EP from label Ghostly International. Known for his electronic left-of-center productions, Truise's sound continues to defy definition. (Chillwave retro synthpop? Who knows). That being said, everything you love about Com Truise is present in Wave 1: Deep kicks, warbling synths, syncopated percussion, sporadic stabs of melody. All with that 1980s sheen we've come to expect from the New Jersey based producer.

Wave 1 feels more focused than his past efforts though, with a definite sonic narrative emerging as the EP progresses. While his earlier albums (2011's Galactic Melt and 2012's In Decay) felt like collections of tunes that had been rattling around his hard drive for a few months, Wave 1 sounds like a deliberate act. As if Truise locked himself in his studio and emerged a week later, Wave 1 in hand.

The opening track "Mind" serves as a refresher for returning fans of the Com Truise sound, a reassurance that he's still up to his old tricks. "Declination" finds Truise working with vocalist Joel Ford, creating a dreamy marriage between voice and computer. The final song, "Wave 1," is the true standout of the EP however. It offers a showcase of his production talent, taking the shape of a finely crafted 80s electronic slow jam, powered by what sounds like a synthesizer from outer space.

While Wave 1 isn't a musical leap forward for Com Truise, one gets the vibe that he doesn't much care for leaping anyway. Truise is content to trod along at his own pace, inviting us along for the ride.

I call shotgun. 

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