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Bassment Sessions July 12: Laidback Prince

By SpinnZinn posted Jul 12, 2012 at 06:21 PM

Tonight on Bassment Sessions we have one of the men behind Deep Sunday's Pool Party: Laidback Prince. Surely to be bringing down the house with those deep grooves we all love.

Join us tonight 9pm for Bassment Sessions. Home of Tech-House, Techno and Minimal on the airwaves.


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Prince Linares was born in the Bronx, New York December 19, 1988. 14 years later he moved from the cold streets into the hot heat within Miami FL. Miami would prove early on how talented Prince was. His athletic build landed him at the starting lineup of Coral Park Senior High’s very own Football Team during High School. After High School, Prince kept his dedication to fitness and health as he practiced dance moves on his own. 
With no one to show him how to dance, Prince took an interest into a variety of music all ranging from Hip Hop, R&B, and Merengue Bachata until one day he stumbled upon electronic music. Suddenly Prince found himself indulged with Techno, Minimal, House, Electro. He was so intrigued by the beats and the vibe he got that Prince decided to take his new found interest into a whole new level, producing. 
Starting from the basic software of producing beats such as Acid 3.0, time passed by and Prince gained more editing software knowledge and his strive for his new found interest began to build a hunger inside that was like no other. Experienced in professional programs from the Reason Series to Serato and Traktor… Prince continued wanting more.
It was not too long after his experience with software and editing programs that lead Prince to find his one true love of his life…music. He took the proper step in the right direction of saving for his first DJ system which would be the start of a new beginning for Prince. As Prince began to get involved with House Parties, he quickly realized the potential of creating revenues for himself and others involved. Prince Linares’ mixing was unique from the very beginning too. While other DJ’s played music for fun; Prince used time codes as he mixed. Not only did he use time codes but he studied, learned and mastered time codes which is something that not anyone could just do. His skills for mixing one track with another with no help of any digital controller was the start of what is now the results of what you hear each time you listen to his mixes. 
Prince would be all over the hottest clubs and popular underground events as well as attend and participate in music festivals and he would listen to some of Miami’s hottest residents playing beats and music you could only hear first by attending or participating in said events and clubs. His love grew into a passion as music would lift him like nothing else could. Persistence and dedication allowed Prince to hustle hard in the streets of Miami looking for opportunities to work for clubs and events. Club owners would use Prince from time to time as a stage technician. As time went by, his experience from running cables and replacing mixers during live events would escalate into becoming involved more with what Sound Engineers normally would do. His involvement with business owner’s and resident DJ’s allowed him to work as an intern for some of the hottest clubs in Miami gaining experience like no other. 
After playing over 50+ Festivals, Events, and Clubs between 2008 and 2011, his followers, fans and friends began to recognize him as Laidback Prince and the start of the Laidback Vibes Series was born. Now with over 25 Laidback Vibe episodes under his belt, there is no stopping of what has become a craving sensation to all who listen from Miami and New York all the way to the Dominican Republic. His long time friend who had always given Prince advice and suggestions from the very beginning such as software and computer’s; Daniel Perez was asked to apply as his Manager and soon after Daniel found himself involved and working together in the Laidback Team. 
Bringing Daniel into the Laidback Team was a smart move. Daniel’s professional representation and excellent sales and communication skills allowed him to close a deal for Prince Linares and generate what would be their 1st sponsorship through The Laidback Vibes got it’s very own spot on a weekly show presented by in 2012 called “ The Laidback Vibes Live” hosted by Laidback Prince every Tuesday night from 11pm to 1am EST with most nights featuring a special guest DJ. 
 Most DJ’s make it to a certain extent until it all falls back down but the sky is just the limit for one of Miami’s hottest Rising local DJ’s that doesn't do it for nothing more than the love and passion he has for music itself. Just lay back and vibe to the beat. 

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