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By Uchi -  Isabella Douzoglou posted Sep 22, 2011 at 08:58 PM

If you really love WVUM's music, you will fall for Wills’. Night Plane (William Rauscher) will be performing at The Electric Pickle this Saturday along with The State Of.

One of my favorite new Producers/Close friend, pushing the boundaries of dance music incorporating beautiful vocals + melodies from familiar or original "indie" sounds and hard bass lines that come together, mesmerizing the brain+body+soul.

- What was the first record you bought?

Boyz II Men "Cooleyhighharmony." I still know every word to the title track. The era of New Jack Swing is ingrained in my childhood memory, particularly in the snare sound on "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe, which is like the best low-res shitty snare sound of all time. 

- Has your sound changed from what it was at the very beginning of your career?

The soul of my sound is still the same, I'd like to think. The first Night Plane stuff I put out was more influenced by cosmic disco, beardo disco, that sort of thing, and now it's much more house, while still retaining a kind of darkly erotic, psychedelic edge. I can't not make trippy music, I wouldn't know how to do it. Now also I adhere strictly to the CCC Book of Laws about dance music composition. I'm not really allowed to tell you what the laws are, you should probably just make your own – "each star must go in its own orbit," as Crowley says.

- Memory and music – What moment of your life, involving music, is one of The most influential steps onto entering music production?

I would say attending parties at Wolf and Lamb's Marcy hotel in Brooklyn was a turning point, production-wise, for a number of reasons. I first heard them on the Ibiza Voice podcast that Seth Troxler mixed, and it was full of forthcoming W+L material, and I just thought "this is what house music should sound like." I think hearing music played that deeply in the Marcy left an impact on how I produce. It stressed to me that the point of dance music is to be able to hypnotize a crowd of people using noises. Often I have like a mental Marcy where my track is playing, it keeps me in focus and helps me to keep stripping sounds away to make music that is minimal but sexy at the same time. A mental Marcy would be a great meditation technique, don't you think? "Now breathe deeply and imagine you're at the Marcy..." Also everyone knows the best time to work on tracks is after you went out, at like six in the morning, when your body is still tingling with bass and the rest of the world has retreated in slumber. Then your mind is pure, like spring water.

- If you were allowed to change something about dance music what would it be?

I wouldn't change a thing about the music. Except more guitars! I am inherently a rock person. And OK sometimes I wish that dance music songs were about different subjects than seduction and partying. I know that's like wishing Mike Tyson would play a different sport or something. And I know 90% of people don't give a shit what the lyrics are about, but I do. I have a literature degree, dammit. Clubs should be more like large immersive art installations, like something by Olafur Eliasson, with so much smoke that you lose touch with reality, and other disorienting effects. There should be more places to sit down, or lie down, and experience the music in a different way. What if you went to a club and it was a lying-down party? Nothing dirty. Maybe cuddling, but that's it. Next time you're in New York you have to go to La Monte Young's Dream House in Tribeca, where you lie down and listen to a huge complex drone that never ends. OK it's also weirdly pink but that's because Young is a lunatic.

What’s your proudest achieving this far? (doesn’t have to be musical)

I'm proud anytime I made some noises and they show up on vinyl, because once it's on vinyl it's like it's a contribution to history in some modest way. I don't spend a lot of time being proud of myself, I'm proud of what my children accomplish, my children being things that I make and send off into the world. So I'm really proud of CCC for putting out Acid Snow, which is out in October, and also an art book about psychedelic drug culture, called On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States.

Who would you compare yourself to?

Impossible! I am incomparable. Wow, this is a really hard question. OK tell you what, I will make a series of analogies. Lacan: Freud. Saint Paul: Jesus Christ. Lenin: Marx. Night Plane: New Order. You figure it out.

If you would compare your music to a food dish…

Pan-seared salmon with white wine. It's light, refreshing, well-balanced and delicious.

Where did you and I meet and why are we doing this? (optional haha)

You and I met in the backyard of the Electric Pickle at the Wolf+Lamb showcase at this year's WMC. Or whatever it is that took place instead of WMC, Ultra Music Week or whatever. We're doing this because the fates have chosen us, it's not really up to us. The idea that the goal of life is to do whatever you want is nonsense. I don't want to this, it is my destiny, I have no choice. Also we're doing this because if we don't, someone with shittier taste will come do it instead, and we'll just be pissed off about it. We have a responsibility.


His next release is as CCC with DJ Harry Bennett: Acid Snow - out on vinyl October 3rd.

Night Plane Warpaint Remix of Undertow is now available on Rough Trade.


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