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Festival Review: III Points

By WVUM DJ posted Oct 06, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Here are the highlights from Natasha and Zoe’s time at III Points!



III Points was quite a doozy; here are the highlights of our experience:


DFA Barbeque at Cafeina

The night started off with Matt Cash spinning some great funky beats in the courtyard and a wonderful exhibition by Natasha Kertes inside of Cafeina. When the sun set, Claire, Jona, Jeff, and Bobby of YACHT made their way to the stage and gave an electrifying set. Lead singer Claire Evans and vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist, Jona Bechtolt had great stage presence and worked the crowd by walking in and out of the audience, parading the microphone cable as a scarf, dancing with each other, and lots of vogue-like arm and hand work.

They played dance bangers such as I’m In Love with a Ripper, and Psychic City (Voodoo City) along with sing-along songs like Utopia/Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire).They also played a cover of Brigitte Fontaine’s “Le Goudron” that was not known by much of the crowd but everyone embraced the funky spin these Portland synth stars put on it. Before playing “Party at the NSA” Claire Evans informed us that this song can be downloaded here and that the money goes to The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is a donation-supported nonprofit that fights back against the government to protect our digital rights.

Overall, their set was intimate, full of energy, and probably one of the most fun performances I’ve experienced in my life. 



Sound Stage at Mana Wynwood



TVVINHAUS Art Installation


The sound stage at Mana Wynwood was a great location in which sound was able to flow in and out of spaces seamlessly, basically a playground for sound and visual artists.


Miami based art collective Twinhaus curated an art installation entitled The Blind Leading the Bling which focused on different facets of consumerism and what that means in a local and global context.


One of the installations was a van that had a TV inside with porn playing on it and a young woman ready to do your nails. Seems strange? It was. Rosemarie Rosario is the woman behind Porn Nails a conceptual, feminist, collaborative, interactive, multi-media art installation and performance in the form of a functioning mobile nail salon infiltrating public spaces with radical pleasure, feminine excess, vulgar conversations, & ghetto raunch…



…I obviously had to try it.


The indulgence didn’t end there. Makeup by Aileen was stationed in a mirror reflector booth giving everyone alien inspired makeovers. 



Entrance to makeup station with video projection by Gianfranco Bianchi.


The fun didn't stop with the outlandish pampering, either. Another part of the installation was mobile: a large wooden cube, about 7' by 7' by 7', had wheels. Several people at a time could load into it and be whirled around, not unlike a gravitron ride at the fair. Except much shorter, and slower, and really the only similarity is that upon exiting the cube, I was dizzy. 

There were also other non-interactive pieces in the installation that were intriguing. One wall had a projected video on loop of women drinking slushies, while at the foot of the wall were slushies, scattered about. There also was a sand dune laying out among the Twinhaus pieces. The only commentary necessary on this is fairly obvious: it was sandy. And finally, to pull together the overarcing theme of it all was an iconic living room set-up, with a television set that buzzed with static noise.





The Relief in Abstract label was bringing down the house at Point Bass with Spies on Bikes, Fortune Howl, and xxyyxx who all masterfully mixed melodic musings with dissonant details, downtempo with the electro pop and everything in between. These Orlando natives sure know how to deliver a bang out show.


Spies on Bikes


Fortune Howl 




The festival ended on a high note with Oscar G and Lazaro Casanova’s collaborative project “Futro”, opening up the evening with hip shaking techy electro. 


Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova 

This was followed by our friend from across the pond, Koreless. This Glasglow based producer provided an airy and fresh set followed by Jacques Greene’s  sultry smorgasbord of indie pop like Blue Hawaii’s “In Two” and hip hop hits such as Drake’s “The Language (Nothing Was The Same)” both in which stirred the crowd and Greene himself in a frenzy. 



Jacques Greene



Next up was Jaime xx who played a chill yet dynamic set but overall I expected more from this xx lead. 


Jaime xx



Ending the night was James Murphy, and boy did he do it right. He played classic 70s funk and soul along with some get-down pop tracks. It was a non-stop dance party!



James Murphy





Will Buck


We ended our night seeing Boiler Room, a notoriously underground music show that travels city-to-city debuting new artists and enabling already established artists to come together and do what they do best. This show featured Will Buck, Oscar G, Dude Skywalker, and lots of other Miami DJs. They sure don’t call it boiler room for nothing. It was packed with people and incredibly hot but the music was thumpin’ and everyone was dancing and having a good time, so the discomfort was a minor nuisance. It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend of music and art in what I am hoping to be a festival that will continue to develop and grow as a compelling reflection of what Miami artists have to offer. 


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