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Fuego de Arcada: A Chat about Arcade Fire’s Miami Debut

By WVUM DJ posted Dec 01, 2013 at 12:33 AM

Natasha, Kevin, Jarryd, and Cameron discuss the Arcade Fire show at Little Haiti Cultural Center via chat. Let the witty banter begin! 

Natasha: Okay so what was your favorite song and/or part of the concert?

Jarryd: As much as I love the album Reflektor, and I do, "Sprawl ii" was my fave performance.The way the lights cut out when regine would sing “I need the darkness, someone please cut the lights" was perfect.

Natasha: My favorite was "It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)." It was my first time hearing that song cause I don't think they played it on their TV special (or maybe they did but I don't really remember) but I instantly fell in love with that song and it has remained my favorite song from the album thus far.

Kevin: I went into the concert having not heard anything from the new album except "Reflektor" itself. So, of the new stuff, I most fell in love with "Normal Person." I was trying to think about what I liked most about it after the concert. Eventually I realized that it was similar to another song I really liked, at least the way they did it live: "My Iron Lung," by Radiohead. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed with the way that "Normal Person" sounded on the album after hearing it live like that. It really didn't have exactly the same punch, if you know what I mean. Speaking of music, how about that Hatian Rara band that made its way through the crowd while we were waiting?

Jarryd: That was awesome. A conga line with actual congas!

Kevin: Wasn't it just typical Miami, though, in that people just didn't really get it? I feel like the band wanted us to dance, and instead everyone stared at it like it was a Big Dumb Object.


Jarryd: Well they definitely did instill a sense of wonder.

Cameron: I loved "We Exist", and I agree with Kevin 100% that "Normal Person" is better live. I'm really hoping they release live versions of these tracks in some capacity. Also, on "Here Comes the Night Time" they extend the fast paced intro before going into half-time and it's amazing. Super dance-y.

Natasha: I am hoping there has been a documentary team recording their tour thus far because I think it has probably been just as fun and interesting everywhere else as it was in Miami and god only knows how awesome the Europe ones are gonna be.

Cameron: Yeah, when Win said something like "I heard you guys know how to dance here," I thought it would get the crowd pumped up, but it was more like the Simpson's Smashing Pumpkins parody people didn't really get into it until the second half, although that might have been because they were (mostly) new tracks.

Jarryd: Two things: a) that clip was amazing, compounded by the fact that it was in Spanish.

Cameron: haha, yeah i couldn't find it in English, but it gets the point across.

Kevin: I used to be with it, and then they changed what it was. Now what is it is weird and confusing, and it'll happen to yoooooouuuuu

Cameron: one of the all time best lines

Kevin: In all seriousness, though, even on the songs people knew, people were kind of singing along and kind of just there. Compare that to the video of Montreal, where people were rocking their butts off.

Jarryd: Ive found that crowds in soflo are less inclined to dance at indie shows. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Kevin: This is Miami, goshdarnit. Do we only put on our partying shoes for Tiesto now?

Natasha: hahaha that was awesome. I mean from where I was standing, we were all bunched up pretty tight but I still managed to dance somewhat modestly to each song. How do you guys react when you're at a concert and they're playing a song you've never heard before, do you try to focus on the music or do you let things kind of be and just go with it?

Kevin: But yes, Jarryd, you're also crazy. Changes based on what the song is.

Jarryd: I try to groove as best I can. Dance like no ones watching

Kevin: Sometimes, I just rock out (See: when I saw Disclosure, when I saw Wild Belle)

Jarryd: Unless I have a drink in hand. Which the priority becomes not spilling

Kevin: Sometimes, I sit and listen (See: When I saw Devendra Banhart)

Cameron: idk, I had watched the SNL show so many times that "It's Never Over", "Supersymmerty" and "Flashbulb Eyes" were the only songs I didn't know

Kevin: Oooh, look at the over-21 over here, flaunting his "drink".

Cameron: I was cuttin a rug, I don't care what everyone else is doing. I think if you're enjoying a show it's your responsibility to support and play along with the artist, that's what they feed off of to put more energy into the show.

Natasha: AMEN Cameron!

Kevin: Some shows that just doesn't work though.

Jarryd: Double amen! I danced like no tomorrow at the jessie ware show.

Kevin: Like, I grooved out to Handel's messiah that one time, and the old people weren't crazy about that. But, I mean, "Are We Like Sheep" is my Jam.

Cameron: hahaha, but everyone still stands up during Hallelujah Chorus

Kevin: But nobody dances, at least where I see it performed.

Cameron: then you're going to the wrong concert halls

Kevin: What, Celebration Presbyterian Church? They rock. Justice performed there on their "Cross" tour.

Natasha: It's funny when you're the only person dancing at a show, it oftentimes attracts likeminded individuals that are fun and carefree...or crazies, either way it makes for a good time

Kevin: Yeah, the first shows I ever went to were punk shows where everyone was flying off the walls. Everything I've been to after seems so restrained and held back. Most shows would probably be improved with a mosh pit, I think.

Cameron: It also helps when it's Arcade Fire and they're super indie-rock, so my mega-white dance moves don't stick out like a sore thumb...hopefully.

Kevin: Arcade Fire seem like the people who stood to the side during their prom. Except for Régine.

Jarryd: Was just typing that

Kevin: But Win Butler was off by the punch bowl, complaining that his old friends don't know him now.

Jarryd: Her dance moves and twirly streamers were amaze

Natasha: I think they were too cool for their prom and had their own weird prom in someone's basement

Cameron: not to mention her steel-drum skills

Kevin: We'll have our OWN prom! With blackjack, and Neutral Milk Hotel!

Cameron: they had a silent disco

Natasha: ^^^^^^^^^^

Jarryd: Bender!!!

Kevin: As awkward as I feel dancing in concerts, imagine how Win Butler felt dancing in Haiti. He was probably like:

Jarryd: Was there any song they played live, or anything about the show in general, that you guys found disappointing?

Kevin: As much as I loved Haïti, I don't think it's a proper closer.

Natasha: I felt like it was too short, I know the set has been relatively short for this tour but I was ready to go all night!

Cameron: hahaha, yeah, Win Butler's dancing boosts your confidence a la Thom Yorke

Kevin: I was really hoping for Haïti to segue into Revolution (Lies) like it does on the album.

Cameron: word on the street is they're returning in April at Bayfront for the world tour

Kevin: Also, no Neon Bible tracks.

Jarryd: I thought it was too short as well

Natasha: Nice umlaut Kevin

Jarryd: And ditto on the no Neon Bible tracks

Cameron: yeah, I would have liked a Neon Bible track, but I knew it would be a shorter show

Kevin: Thânk Yôü.

Cameron: also, Win had been DJ-ing after the previous shows, and he didn't do that

Kevin: Maybe he had to DJ that night in Space.

Jarryd: At least we were spared the tyranny of ticketmaster that the Mekka show was subjected to

Cameron: he would get kicked off, they would go DJ Shadow on his ass

Kevin: I would have loved to see that actually happen, and watch how confused the Grove Bros would be by Win Butler's affinity for Femi Kuti and 80s pop.

Cameron: on the bright side, the Cultural Center played some dope tracks before and after the show

Jarryd: Yes, I shazamed like thirty of them

Natasha: yea it was awesome! I hope this allows people to use that place as a venue in the future, it was a beautiful evening

Kevin: Coming soon: Big Night in Little Haïti, featuring special guests Less Than Jake.


...actually, I'd probably go to that.


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