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No Regular Play Guest DJ set Monday 4:00pm

By Uchi -  Isabella Douzoglou posted Mar 05, 2012 at 12:28 AM

They keep on defying the sardards of dance and instruments, sharing with the world new awesome music. Their friendship with WVUM grows fonder as they come by to play us some records.

This is a snipet regarding their latest release and some more interesting words written by Imfamous PR.

The world has expected greatness from the duo, and it seems to be exceding them as time goes by. We appreciate their existence in dance music.

"NYC based label Cut Mistake Music today announced that its debut release, cmm0001, will be a double side vinyl featuring two tracks, ‘Rain (all day)’ and ‘Avenue’, from No Regular Play (Wolf + Lamb, Supplement Facts) plus an A-side, ‘Candide’, from label founder Connor Whiriskey (cnnr). Subsequent releases for Cut Mistake Music include cmm0010 Jordan Lieb and cmm0011 Dream House.

‘Rain (all day)’ has been a cornerstone of No Regular Play's live set for the past couple of years, and is a long-anticipated release. It is apparent that it is one of those tracks that stick with audiences long after the party is done and dusted. A groundbreaking and ambitious large-scale, full orchestral interpretation of 'Rain (all day)' premiered in September, 2011, as part of 'TimePiece', performed by the Minnesota Orchestra in the opening program of its 109th season. The piece was deconstructed and recomposed for performance with full orchestra and jazz band ensemble by No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus and his father Stephen Paulus. It is due to be commissioned for future orchestra performances in the USA. 

Both ‘Rain (all day)’ and ‘Avenue’ are two tracks that were made at a time that defined No Regular Play’s musical development ... searching beneath the machines, software, and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, for a way to move peoples bodies & minds.

cnnr’s ‘Candide’ is a sonic tapestry inspired by, and dedicated to, the late Danielle Basquet-Long. it was the product of a near fatal night ... an unknown assailant … a bicycle … a skull …and mother earth …… …… in that order …… hit & run to double skull fracture head trauma, internal bleeding, air embolism, and some tightrope moments ……. the otherworldly music of Celer (internal soundtrack) helped hold some ethereal/ephemeral connection to this reality while alone in intensive care ..... post hospital bed, finding out that Danielle, one half of the husband and wife duo Celer, had passed away suddenly at the age of 26 ..... this track is one of the first pieces composed post accident and is, and can only be, an homage to her and her art, and the proof of the intangible strength of music.

The labels concept is to provide a platform for musical & visual dreams to flourish, morph and inspire. In future releases Cut Mistake Music will incorporate the talents of its wider community of NYC cohorts; classically trained cellists and violists, theater and film sound designers and producers. Specific artwork is being commissioned for each release. Lisa G Bauer, a Brooklyn based artist, created the  cover art for cmm0001. 

       Everything is a function of that which precedes it. We are the cuttings of our past and we are put back together only to cut, and be cut up again....and so the sequence will continue, for good and for bad, for better and for worse .... everything true is harmony .... everything true is a mistake .... we are but the harmony of our spheres .... surrounded by music ... echoing the past as we hurtle towards the future.

Cut Mistake Music was conceived somewhere between the day dream induced soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless on the western seaboard of Ireland and the haze filled manic energy of New York City dance floors. Loosely associated with a collective of New York based musicians .... our aim is true and our message clear; we want to bring our landscapes to the ears of those who are willing to listen.

Nick DeBruyn, Greg Paulus & Connor Whiriskey first met in the sweaty summer confines of the Lower East Side’s seminal, and much missed, music venue Tonic. Many ideas, dreams, and plotting of music creation have been shared since then. This first release sees another piece of the music loving jig-saw fall into place. Future releases include Jordan Lieb (Scissor & Thread), and Dream House, which is a three piece group featuring Connor, Brandon Wolcott and Emil Abramyan. Brandon and Emil are set to release an instrumental piece on Nico Jaar’s Clown and Sunset over the coming months.

Nick and Greg first met as eight year olds in Minnesota, bonding over music, and later travelling together to Havana, Cuba to study afro-Cuban rhythm and culture. Ten years later the duo now known as No Regular Play now watch over the infamous Marcy Hotel, perform their incredible live sets at some of the world’s most bleeding-edge clubs, and have released a string of EP’s showcasing their blend of soulful house, jazz instrumentation, hip-hop beats and a fair bit in between. on a slew of respected labels (Wolf +Lamb, Supplement Facts, No.19) Fans on four continents have been wowed by their immersive live performances which is no surprise given that between them they combine training in jazz and classical music, and have serious performance experience under their belt outside of No Regular Play with the likes of Matthew Dear Live Band, and indie-darlings Beirut and the Minnesota Orchestra."

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