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The Amon Tobin ISAM Experience

By Julia Webster posted Sep 26, 2012 at 01:55 PM


The Amon Tobin performance was the Mother of all light shows. The two and a half hour music and light exhibit was so impressive, it will inspire all glitch, drum & bass, and electronic performances to come. I wouldn't even be surprised if KoRn went ahead and jumped on this idea too.


Photo Credit: Richard Kreuzburg

The show experience comprised of three parts. For those who weren't stunned in mere awe of the intricacy and fine detail, one could make out the story of an astronaut's solo journey through space. The stage builds the inside of the bridge of a spaceship where a man, Mr. Tobin himself, is sitting behind a control panel. Red lights panic the audience and WARNING is flashing along the walls. The next scene insinuates an alien takeover and we can see our captain being probed on an operating table by cords and wires. Mashing steam engines and turning gears fade out revealing the ominous abducter ship. The last scene of part one is Amon Tobin's head in a jar floating back into the darkness of space.


Our Captain, Amon Tobin, walked on stage at the end of Part One in an astronaut suit to collect his praise. And of course, people lost it.


The rest of the show was more abstract. I sat in the back of the pit on the rail close to the stairs to get a good view. People stood and watched in amazement for most of the time. There is only so much awesome you can witness before you're shocked into a daze and have to ask yourself, "what am I even looking at right now?".


Uncharacteristically, Amon Tobin introduced drum and bass beats to the ambient glitch music he is known for. This format introduced a back and forth action between experiencing the show and participating in the music. The pit ate it up.


I was expecting Amon Tobin to play for, at most, an hour. But after two hours, he even came out for another half-hour encore. When he was finally done, I was speechless. After the encore, how could I have even asked for more? He played beyond my expectations. The amount of time and effort it must have taken to put together that much epicness blows my mind. But the energy spent really shows in his performance. Anyone who missed the show missed a pioneer. Other artists will probably be putting together their own light shows in the near future, but there will never be another Amon Tobin ISAM experience.

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