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Tune in Tue 1/28/14 for Rat Bastard on #SEARCHPARTY for INC!!

By Julia Webster posted Jan 27, 2014 at 02:55 PM

The International Noise Conference is upon us once again and Miami punk legend, Rat Bastard is gonna be on #SEARCHPARTY to give us the inside scoop on what to expect during this amazing week of music.



Visit the Churchills website or join the FB page to get all the info for INC which is FEB 4-8, 2014! 



4th Tue - 5th Wed - 6th Thu - 7th Fri - 8th Sat
5501 NE 2nd AVE

this event is Free / No Cover for all 5 nights
>>> over 140 artist will perform 15 minutes or less <<<

Pre INC shows
31 JAN - ATLANTA Curators Nathan Brown & Robbie Kee
1 FEB - JACKSONVILLE Curator Jamison Williams
2 FEB - St PETERSBURG Curators Jesse Vance & Todd Novosad
3 FEB - ORLANDO Curator Dan Reaves
4 FEB - GAINESVILLE Curator Ironing
5 FEB - TAMPA Curator Todd Lynn

Monday February 3rd 2014 8p > 11p Curator Autumn Casey
Pre Cray INC Party @ Space Mountain
(8365 NE 2nd Ave Miami)

Tuesday February 4th 2014 8p > 3a Curator Night of Weirds
8:40 - Dracula (Miami)
9:00 - Laundry Room Squelchers 2 (Miami)
9:20 - Ferrari and friends (Miami)
9:40 - Self n Other (Miami)
10:00 - Secret gg (Miami)
10:20 - Liz Tracy (Miami)
10:40 - Main Manatee (Miami)
11:00 - F.U. (Miami)
11:20 - Meandream (Miami)
11:40 - Vomitorium (Miami)
12mid - Humbert (Miami)
12:20 - Dino Felipe & "The Band" (Miami)
12:40 - Bmg music club (Miami)
1:00 - Fangus Humangus (Miami)
1:20 - Prescott Winthorpe Sims (Miami)
"INC: Spending Noize Night" curator Julian Del Rio (Back Patio)

Wednesday February 5th 2014 9p > 3a
- Nunhex (Miami)
- Meddling Kids (Miami)
- Aspartame (Miami)
- Samsara (Miami)
- Worm Wedding Ring (Miami)
- For The Virgin Mary (Miami)
- Astrokats (Miami)
- Smut (Miami)
- Death Talisman VII (Hollywood)
- Fuck The Ramones (Hollywood)
- Shroud Eater (Miami)
- Jellyfish Putas (Miami)
- Bag Hag (Miami)
- Normads (Miami) 
- Hell Mouth (Miami)
- Sad Ghost
- Plomo o Plata (Ed Matus & Omar Angulo) (Miami)
- Bobby Flan (Miami)
- Chris Donaldson (Miami)
- GG Mozart (Miami Beach)
- Shark Dust Sisters (Fort Lauderdale)
- Russel Mofsky (Miami)
- The Weeds (Adam Matza) (Fort Lauderdale)
- A Love Supreme Sextet (Hollywood)ALT MIA (Back Patio)
Jellyfish Bros (Dan Hosker Studio)

Thursday February 6th 2014 8p > 3a
- Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach)
- Holly Hunt (Miami Beach)
- Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge (St Petersburg FL)
- Clang Quartet (Stokesdale NC)
- Shitstorm (Miami)
- Last (Fort Lauderdale)
- Rauh (Gainesville FL)
- Nick Klein (New York City)
- Otto Von Shirach + Mr Feathers + Nayib Estefan (Miami)
- Dot Dot Dot Orchestra (Fort Lauderdale)
- Jesse Vance (St Petersburg)
- Human Fluid Rot (Fort Lauderdale)
- Chrome Dick (Miami)
- Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach)
- Xela Zaid + Eric Lopez + Ed Wicox (Miami)
- Steve Bristol & Joe Gallant (Boca Raton / NYC)
- Jamison Williams & Steve Bristol (Jacksonville /Boca Raton)
- Jiblet Dupree (Clearwater - Polk City FL)
- Roover Hook (Miami Beach)
- Sharlyn Evertsz (Miami Beach)
- Jackie Ransom (Miami)
- No Milk (Tampa)
- Microwave Windows (Sarasota FL)
- Viking Funeral
- Durastatic (Josh Boutwell) (Miami)
- Whitey Alabastard (Nick Boutwell) (Ft Myers FL)
- Jonathan Handcock (Cincinnati OH)
- Steve Malagodi & Gustavo Matamoros (Miami)
Roofless (Back Patio)
Spring Break / The End (Dan Hosker Studio)

Friday February 7th 2014 Curator Todd Lynne 8p > 3a
- Homeland (Boston)
- Dim Past (Miami)
- Housefire (Asheville)
- Andy Hess (Montreal)
- SPQR (Tampa)
- Gashrat (Montreal)
- Body Garden (Miami)
- LSDV (Boston)
- Cheetoh Haze (Myakka)
- Newton (Philadelphia)
- Hell Garbage (Lakeland)
- Father Finger (Tampa)
- SSLOTS (Orlando)
- i_like_dog_face (Tampa)
- Andy Buoy (Montreal)
- VVAQRT (Carrboro)
- Jeff Rehnlund (Raleigh)
- Phantom Selector (New Brunswick)
- Classic Misfortune (Carrboro)
- Lovebrrd (St. Pete)
- Fish Wife (Tampa)
- Jane Pain (New York)
- Kein (Miami)
- Other Organs (Tarpon Springs)
- Haves&Thirds (Tampa)
Kenny Millions: Be Creative or Die (Back Patio)
Xela Zaid Ocean Meets Sky (Dan Hosker Studio)

Saturday February 8th 2014 3p > 3a
- Cock E.S.P. (Minneapolis MN)
- Tinnitustimulus (Rochester)
- Burak (Philadelphia) 
- Noise Nomads (Northampton MA)
- Andy Borsz (Jacksonville FL)
- Dromez (Austin TX)
- Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (Austin TX)
- Bang! Bros. (Boston MA)
- This is My Condition (Lawrence KS)
- Bromp Treb (Northampton MA)
- Kenny Millions (Hollywood FL)
- Reverend Mother Flash (New York City)
- Nequam Sonitus (St Petersburg FL)
- Finkbeiner (Rochester NY)
- Profligate (Carrboro NC)
- Bernard Herman (New York City)
- Unicorn Hard-on (Nashville TN)
- Leslie Keffer (Nashville TN)
- Sharkiface & Julia (Oakland)
- Eva Aguila (Los Angeles CA)
- SHV (Providence RI)
- Irene Moon (New York City)
- La Femme Natal (New York City)
- Yohimbe (Carrboro NC)
- Radio Shock (New York City)
- Lazer Slut (Nashville TN)
- Loop Retard (Madison WI)
- Secret Boyfriend (Carrboro NC)
- Chris Dooley (Northampton MA)
- Mutwawa (Richmond VA)
- Daggering (Richmond VA)
- Wayne Paine (Los Angeles CA)
- Horaflora (Boston MA)
- Pvre Matrix (New York City)
- Now's (Atlanta GA)
- Iovae (Cincinnati OH)
- Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia)
- Pony Payroll Bones (Atlanta GA)
- Ironing (Gainesville FL)
- Justin Waters (Atlanta GA)
- Embarker (Philadelphia)
- Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia)
- Twilight Memories of the Three Suns (Washington DC)
- Michael Feathers (Miami)
- The Idiots (New York City)
- Trotsky's Watercooler (Orlando)
- Vasectomy Party (Sarasota/Bradenton)
- Salt Swan (Nashville TN)
- Electric Cactus (Carrboro NC)
Night of Weirds III @ I.N.C. (Back Patio)

Sunday February 9th 2014 6p > 12p Curator Jellyfish Brothers
Post-INC BBQ Party Gramps 
(176 NW 24th street Miami)

This year, with funding from Knight Foundation’s Knight Arts Challenge, the experimental music festival will expand to five nights. It is an exceptional opportunity for South Florida musicians to perform and network with composers from other cities. The event hopes to create new work originating from South Florida, and has established Miami’s reputation as an important host of experimental music.

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