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By Alyssa Zirkman posted Apr 13, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Our own DJ Alyssa Zirkman caught the last day of Ultra and you might be surprised at her feedback...

            After tackling the metro in a tutu I felt ready to handle the tsunami I knew Ultra Day Three would be.  Security was a breeze, especially after being handed about three free coffees and other energy drinks on my way in.  Kandi covered my wrists and I was ready to rage.

Traditionally Sunday has been the day that delivers at Ultra Music Festival.  This year? Not so much.  I arrived early because I was well rested from a Friday and Saturday spent at home instead of on the grounds of Bayfront Park.  I got to the park and went straight to Main Stage.  The crowd was the smallest I had ever seen.  Fine with me, more room to dance.  I made my way up to the frontanyway; I love watching the DJ’s faces as they play.  Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano were actually pretty good for having to go on so early (2 pm poor guys).  But they DJ’d like it was 7 pm and everyone danced liked there was no tomorrow.  Graphics there were good but not

 dazzling of course, it was still light outside.  Nervo followed them, also on Main Stage. Honestly, there was so much potential there that they just lost. Besides having some pretty cool hair, the sisters were a good act on stage.  I am a big fan of Nervo’s beats but from the crowd, the bass completely drowned out their set. It was tough to listen to.  Thank goodness, Sander van Doorn followed because I’m pretty sure everything he touches turns to gold.  Fast-forward a couple of hours…Danny Avila wenthard at Korea. Afrojack kept me dancing.  David Guetta rocked Main Stage.


   I could go on and on about all of the other DJ’s we know and love that rocked various stages all night.  I’m sure they did as well as always and you probably saw them during Winter Music Conference earlier in the week anyway.  Who you did not see was JackU. Who, you may ask, is Jack U? Skrillex and Diplo finally released some sweet tracks as the duo they announced would come together back in September.  I believe my face melted at some point during their set.  When they spun a mix of Careless Whispers (praise to George Michaels) I think I died.  This set was such a perfect balance between to the two DJ’s but that was definitely not a surprise, Skrillex could DJ next to Beethoven’s zombie and kill that set.  Did you

think Careless Whispers was the most daring song they could work with? Oh no, my friend.  Try the opening theme to Lion King. That’s right.  Circle of Life was thrown in my face like never before.  Every single transition was flawless and with each new song my energy was renewed and the crowd went wild.  The set was about an hour but honestly I wish it lasted the rest of the night.  I cannot wait to hear Jack U’s next release.

           All in all, the final day of Ultra 2014 was quite a rollercoaster.  Every DJ I saw played up to expectations and some exceeded them.  The vibes are always great and the food was spectacular this year.  Ultra Music Festival did not let me down. 

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