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From The Garage #11 - Back to Normal

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

by Chris Palowitch

Listen to the recording here:


Whoopass Girls – Plan B

-          Let’s Get Insecure

Montana. Heard of these guys from a compilation my friends put together. It’s either 3 with a brother who’s a groupie or 4, couldn’t tell which. Thrash Pop. They like playing board games and video games, and two of them are training for a Smash Bros Melee tournament. Final words were “college sucks and I wish I had money to tour”.


Vasudeva – Brickwork

-          Caesura

NJ. No idea how I heard of these guys, but they sound instrumental emo with electronic influence. Been friends since they were 14, now in their early 20’s, and have been playing music since they met. This year gonna be releasing new music and vinyl and touring, potentially overseas.


Speak Friend – My Guitar

-          Oct 31st

Livermore, CA. I forget how I found out about them but probably cause they live in the town right next to mine. They’ve been playing together for a long time and their singer and bassist are married and just had their first kid. Their current recording projects area making an album of lullabies for her and another EP. Kinda sound folky – poppy – emoy, a little bit of everything, you’ll hear.


Purple Sun – Descension

-          Trapped

Local Miami. Been a band for 2 years now and been switching back and forth between 4 and 5 members, but currently 4. Trying hard to expand beyond the Miami scene and look for new people to work with, so if you like what you hear from them, feel free to contact them. Seem like nice dudes, so help them out if you can.


Circuits Lab #1:


Couples Counseling – hope u nevr hear this

-          peach pits

Berklee college of music. Guy introduce me to her tracks, REAAAALLY good. For me has just the perfect amount of ambience and trip-hop style beats.


Celestial Ceiling – The Gates of Alcyon

-          Ulker (was supposed to play here, but technology messed up. Definitely check it out).

Miami. Selected quote:

“I began to have a series of intuitive contacts which really culminated one night in 2008 when I was playing a harp. I had a live visitation in my studio/bedroom. Into my room one night walked dozens of glowing beings of light who stood around me and watched me play this harp, they leaned in and listened, while more and more walked in. They kept pouring into the room, and they were entering through a sliding glass door, walking right through the glass. The room filled with these people who listened to me play and then spoke to me through telepathy, telling me they were from Venus, The Pleiades, Saturn, and a collective that they refer to as 'A' which encompassed many star systems beyond our solar system. They were from a higher density. The contact became more and more internal where I received basically a type of energetic surgery from them. I can go on and on about all the details, it was very intense. there were all sorts of telepathic conversations and surgeries, visual downloads. After the whole thing was over, I looked in the mirror and my hair was standing straight up on end, like it was electrostatically charged. “

I’m not one to say whether his story is true or not, but I do know that if this is the kinda stuff aliens listen to, then I am super down to hang.


Echo Base – Launchies

-          Mike Bibby

Tallahassee, FL. I’ve had the chance to see them a couple of times, but unfortunately missed out. Two friends who play a style of punk with emo, math, and post rock. Had been playing together for 4 years till they split for college but quickly got back together and recorded their EP themselves. Lyrics range from “growing older and making the right decisions” to “examining the ideas of singularity, parallel universes, and a juggle between delf-deprecating and positive existentialism.” Late summer tour throughout East Coast, split with Weakness and Gillian Carter, and a new EP. Hopefully have them live in the studio soon.


Social Stereo – Needles

-          Rooftops

CA. Played with a few members who are in Reid Saw a Ghost. Been playing music together since high school. Like classic rock and singer-songwriters. Enjoy video games and learning to play their soundtracks live. BONUS POINTS FOR ANSWERING RANDOM QUESTIONS: Favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate, and Mega Man is their favorite video game hero.

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