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From The Garage #1 - My HOME-ees/nervous

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

by Chris Palowitch

Coasta Nostra – Cool Beans

                My first band!


Just Friends – Welcome Mats

                My band in Cali, split with Kill The Bats soon, album less soon?


Eastern Bakery – About a Dog/Color Blue

                Santa Barbara awesomeness, new tracks and mini-tour soon!

Brandon’s acoustic thingies


Backyard Wrestling – Nothing

                Mitchmitchmitchmitch, I think I’m in this band


Aaron S. Devera – She’s So High

                Technically first band with this guy, Made By Assault Rifles



Chill Pill – Cold Day

                First tour buddies, broke up BUT NOW COMING BACK AS SAD PLAAAANET!


Happy Diving – Sincere

                Lead singer of Chill Pill’s new band, also the guitarist from American Legal System. Good stuff.


Alaska – Ahab/Surfin’ With The Devil



American Legal System – Lesson Three (I’m Sad)

                Bassist from JF is singer. Awesome songwriting, awesome song for being sad


Settling Down – xSeasonSx

                THIS SONG NOW BELONGS TO SETTLING DOWN. Talk to Trevor.


Zero Progress – The Void/Here We Are

                I would say get on their level, but that’d be impossible. Probably should’ve ended the show here


Animal Hands – Nowhere Faster/Surf Nazis Must Die

Just broke up, but really authentic, maybe say oldschool? but good oldschool. want to see some new things from the members


Karoshi Boy – Anacrime

Formerly Zissou, helped my band in Socal on our first tour. NEW RECORD SOON, LISTEN TO THE SINGLE


Kill The Bats – You Have No Idea How Many Ravioli I Spilled on the Ground and Put in Your Pillow…

San Broses, played soo many shows with these guys and will play sooo many more. They like California burritos. RECORD OUT IN JUNE!


Reid Saw a Ghost – 50s Girl

                Dance/pop/rock/punk? #Danceable #listen #actuallyuniquelisten


Hear the Sirens – Last Call Love

                Band of the dude who recorded all my bands to date. Awesome guy, awesome band.


Cave Babies – itsnoteasybeing green/sidewalk

One of the inspirations for my show. Give his stuff a listen, some of the best music I’ve ever heard


Aaron S. Devera - Kids Who Can Never Hang

                THE WORLD CLUB-BANGING PREMIERE…another song that’s too good.


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