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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

by Julia Webster

So basically, for lack of better words, #seapunk started out as a joke. Sort of like how silly putty was invented by accident, #seapunk started out with the twitter personae @LILINTERNET and @LILGOVERNMENT.

It apparently all started when @LILINTERNET woke up from a dream at 5am on June 1, 2011 and tweeted “SEAPUNK LEATHER JACKET WITH BARNACLES WHERE THE STUDES USED TO BE” and went back to sleep. @LILGOVERNMENT hashtaged #seapunk for the first time in a tweet replying “LET’S MAKE SANDCRASSLES #SEAPUNK”

After that, a small group of twitter users beg  tweeting #seapunk jokes, posting things like, “NETGEAR #SEAPUNK” AND “SOFTWARE PIRATING #SEAPUNK”, “CRAB CLAW EARRINGS”, “FISHNET”, “SMOKING HASHTAGS AND SEAWEED”

By September 2011, SuperSuper! Magazine in London published the first print #seapunk article including the full story and the original core group @LILINTERNET @LILGOVERNMENT, @UNICORNKID @ULTRADEMON, ZOMBELLE_ and @TTTEAMS and included and included an “essential listening” track list that included Le1f, random trance, and “putting your ear to a shell”

#seapunk started getting big and people like Soulja Boy, Azealia Banks and Kreayshawn began hashtagging #seapunk stuff. Soulja Boy even made that song “Came Out of the Water”. Here are some links to some awesome #seapunk tumblrs.

Zombelle's Tumblr

Sea Punk Gang Website

Coral Records Internazionale's Website


The it was getting too mainstream. @LILGOVERNMENT tweeted “MUSIC/FASHION/UR BRAIN CAN BE SEAPUNK BUT IT CANNOT BE PACKAGED + SOLD MUCH LIKE YOU CANNOT PACKAGE +SELL THE OCEAN” so now by then, seapunk had drawn a line in the sand. What “is” and “isn’t” #seapunk was being identified.

So now, there’s clothing lines like, Ocean Clothing Gang, Art pieces, blogs, a Record Label, Coral Records Internazionale, actually started by Redwine.


Everything sorta stayed a joke for the pioneers. Redwine said in an interview with Dazed and Confused “Everything is really wet, and I don’t mean in a sexual way. That’s why we just use a mixer and no turntables because the water was mess up our gear.”

FInally, the New York Times interviews Zombelle, Redwine, and Lil Internet for a piece about seapunk. They tried really hard to conceal the true origins of #seapunk by telling the interviewer they didn’t know hoe to contact lil internet but like a true journalist, they found him.

Now, after a little bit of stubbornness, @LILINTERNET and @LILGOVERNMENT have let the world have #seapunk. All the ask now is that the movement be refferened to as #waverave. They now have put #seapunk in its original form to rest with heavy hearts, but it still lives on in those who wont let go.





W�VESTEP // Blank Banshee

BATHSALTS // Blank Banshee

Yr So Wet 1.0 // Fire For Effect

Evvvvo // �CRACKULA�

SPLASH @ ME NOW // $PLâ�²$H ¢LUB 7

All Rise // (o)†HERS

Paradise Island // Whitely

Intropical Surf // Love Through Cannibalism

Step Into Liquid (It’s A Trap) // Fire For Effect

Sarin Ocean // ALL D�Y ISLAND

YOU KNOW // billyoceans

Hyyyyr // â�¥CRACKULAâ�¥

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