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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

by Julia Webster


Skweee originated in Sweden and Finland and fuses basic synthy and chip-tuney sounds with funk and, as always, a lot of bass. The name skweee was coined by Daniel Savio, Randy Barracuda and Mesak in 2003, and are the leading pioneers of the genre. Randy Barracuda said "I used to watch Missy Elliott videos on MTV and I'd think the music was cool but the vocals were horrible. So I tried making my own super funky instrumental version of that sound using cheap synths." Pavan (Frans Carlqvist) was more concerned with tempo when producing skweee, making his own tracks set to a relaxed speed (slue rarely rises to above 110 BPM - which sounds like this ). Daniel Savio (aka Kool DJ Dust) explained that the name skweee was basically referring to the using of vintage synthesizers to "squeeze out" the most out of their crappy equipment as possible. So lets check out the music that pioneered the genre. I got a track recorded from a live set Daniel Savio recorded on ZTV, which is some channel from the Netherlands, as an example of a skweee jam.

Daniel Savio on hunger

Randy Barracuda has his own record label called Harmönia Records which inspired a bunch of other DJs and Producers to have a spin at the genre. He's got a much of awesome artists on there including Markis Sage. Pavan also has his own record label also has his own label called Flogsta Danshall. The images below link to their respective websites.



France, England, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands were the fist home to the labels and musicians most devoted to the genre, characterized mostly by squiggly melodies, chopped up beats, and grimy synth runs. It wasn't till 2009 till it found its way across the pond in Boston with DJ Stickem and his Double Dog Dare EP so that's considered America's first skweee album. The image below is the album cover and links to the page for the album.


Skweee has actually been influencing dustup since it got more popular; not to say it had anything to do with dubstep's creation, but has had more of an effect on the direction some artists are taking their dub sound. Theres this dustup blog called dubstepforum and someone started a thread about skweee and since then, producers like Rusko, Gemmy and Joker (Who I played last week for my wonky show) and Jamie Vex'd have fiddled with the sound in a way that sort of fused the sounds of dustup and skweee. Check out the track by Kotchy remixed by Rusko, if you wanna know what I'm talking about. The gap between dubstep and skweee has been further bridged by artists such as DJ Pontificate, as evidenced by the release "Skweeeal." The scene definitely took an ambient turn but still holds on the the Finish "funkiness". //

Playlist for October 22, 2012
Daniel Savio // Revolt
Randy Barracuda // Skweee Like a Pig
Markis Sage // Kissing Cousins and Hustling
Baba Stiltz // sEXydANiel
Yöt // Yöt Duzzit
Sprutbass // Matt Huffley
Snuslexia // Five Sensless
Stickem // Double Dog Dare (feat. Joxaren, Beem and Mesak)
Kotch // Sing What You Want (Rusko's Skweee Remix)
THRASH'R // Link Up (BB blogmix
Center of the Universe // Riddle of Electricity
KOΔÆ�K // =^_R34L D0GZ L0V3 C4T$_^=

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