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Tom Frazel


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

by Julia Webster


Wonky is a genre that fuses dubstep and hip hop (glitch hop in particular). In the mid 2000's when hip hop producers like Flying Lotus and Dabrye started experimenting with dubstep, IDM and it's namesake Wonky Techno which is just an experimental form of techno which incorporates glitch and electro. Much of its character is attributed to offbeat tempos and sounds. At the same time, dubstep and IDM artists started messing around with hip hop. So in the end, hip hop and dubstep were trading sounds and eventually developed their own genre around 2009.


Jneiro Jarel released "Get Yuh Own" in Feb of 2004 and is considered one of the first official songs that defined the genre's rhythm aesthetic in America, called "street bass”.

Jneiro Jarel (left)


So wonky sorta went in three general directions. Regionally, we have Bristol '#purple sound', the Glasgow '#aquacrunk' and the American '#street bass'.

Both the aquacrunk and purple sound scenes are influenced by crank, chipstune and obviously dustep. I found a few songs that sampled Waka Flocka Flame, but as you would assume, they weren't exactly radio appropriate so I couldn’t play any of those tracks on my show. But they were great, I’ll try and find some videos to post up. But these aquacrunk limeys guys totally love J Dilla and stuff so they have some awesome sounds coming from that direction. Aquacrunk is made of slowed down, low-slung beats, with lashings of electronic muttering and morphing baselines. A great example of the aquacrunk subgenre is this artist Rustie. An article from the Guardian claims the name 'aquacrunk' acutally "came from Rustie's passion for crunk and the aquatic electronics of Drexciya" which was an electronic music duo from Detroit.



Bristol Purple sound is described by as “a bombastic, melodic and funk-laden sub-genre that developed out of two of the UK’s youngest and most exciting scenes – grime and dustup." and it's apparently been getting super popular within the last 5 years. Back in 2006 during the South London Dubstep movement, the music was trying to develop out of the dark, minimal sound and had acquired so it started developing a slower sounding half-step rhythm and, like we tend to do in the 21-century, add tons of bass.  Bristol Purple is apparently a name coined by dubstep artist Joker who claims all he sees when he's making music is the color purple. One of his recent releases made all those guys in Bristol loose it. Joker and this other artist Gemmy are considered the most influential Purple Sound artists today and over there, they think they're gonna be the next Massive Attack.

The Joker holding a puss.


So American Wonky is known as street bass and is influenced by break beat and jazz music and has a more ‘organic’ feeling. Listening to it, I sorta feel like I'm listening to chillwave with some hip hop beats stuck in there. Some of our favorite artists are actually considered street bass artists, such as Flying Lotus and Daedelus.



Flying Lotus; perpetual bad ass.


So that’s wonky. Check out these tracks and get educated. Lemmie know what genre I should do next week. I’m thinking #skwee. hmu

Set list for October 15, 2012


Rustie // Jagz the Smack

Hudson Mohawke // FUSE

Loops Haunt // Ark


Purple Sound

Joker // Purple City feat. Ginz

Gemmy // Johnny 5

Oral Hygiene Basics // en2ak


Street Bass

Jneiro Jarel // Get Yuh Own

Slugabed // Quantum Leap

Flying Lotus // Do the Astral Plane

Daedelus // Twist The Kids

GRANT // Celestial Safari

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