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Jarryd Collazo

New York, NY
at wvum since
Fall 2012
music tastes
Turquoise Jeep and Turquoise Jeep only

Coffee addict, comic book nerd, and man of science.


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Jarryd’s 40th Rotation Show Is Not Penny’s Boat

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Jarryd’s 39th Rotation Show Snaps, Crackles, but Forgets to Pop

Graveyard Shift Episode 1

Jarryd’s 38th Rotation Show Returns

Jarryd’s 36th Rotation Show Falls In Love

Jarryd’s 35th Rotation Show Learns to Walk

Jarryd’s 34th Rotation Show Checks For Lumps

1.22.14 Jarryd’s 33rd Rotation Show Is a Cheap Date

1.15.14 Jarryd’s 32nd Rotation Show Jumps The Gun

Jarryd’s 31st Rotation Show Gets A Medal

Jarryd’s 30th Rotation Show Has Technical Difficulties

Jarryd’s 29th Rotation Show Rides a Bike

Jarryd’s 28th Rotation Show Takes A Job

Jarryd’s 27th Rotation Show’s Finest Hour

Jarryd’s 26th Rotation Show vs. The Universe

Jarryd’s 25th Rotation Show Get It Together

Jarryd’s 24th Rotation Show & The Infinite Sadness

Jarryd’s 23rd Rotation Show vs. The World

Jarryd’s 22nd Rotation Show: Fully Loaded

Jarryd’s 21th Rotation Show Goes Bananas

9.18.13 Jarryd’s 20th Rotation Show Goes to Monte Carlo

Jarryd’s 19th Rotation Show Rides Again

Jarryd’s 18th Rotation Show Gets A Haircut

Jarryd’s 17th Rotation Show Runs For Mayor

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jarryd’s 16th Rotation Show

Jarryd’s 15th Rotation Show vs. The Thing From Another World

Jarryd’s 14th Rotation Show Becomes Self-Aware

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