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Kevin Sands

Celebration, FL
Broadcast Journalism and Political Science
at wvum since
Nov. 2011
music tastes
I tend to like Alternative, Post-Punk and anyone who influenced or was influenced by those two genres. Current Favorite bands include but are not limited to Tame Impala, the Velvet Underground, Polaris, Gang of Four, LCD Soundsystem, and Real Estate.

So, I guess I’m a fun* person.

*Statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not guaranteed to be genuinely
fun, perceived “funness” could be little more than a flimsy fa├žade. Surgeon
General’s Warning: Kevin Sands has been linked to increased exposure to
long, pointless tangents, people who wear at least a sport jacket regardless
of how casual the event is, independent music, and manual typewriters. No
resizing. All purchases are final and nontransferable. No CODs, please. See
store for details.

Wednesday Afternoons, 4 to 6 pm


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Kevin’s Eighty-Seventh Show, In Which He (adverb) (verb) (adjective) (noun)

Kevin’s Eighty-Sixth Show, In Which He Bought Two Axes From the Old Murderer’s Shoppe

Kevin’s Eighty-Fifth Show, In Which He Lovingly Looked Back At The Year That Was

Kevin’s Eighty-Third Show, In Which He Was Giving Subtle Clues The Whole Time. THE WHOLE TIME!

Kevin’s Eighty-Second Show, In Which He Made Public His Allegations Against Gen. Dalton McGuinness

Kevin’s Eighty-First Show, in which the Studio Was Infested With Invasive Gazelle

Kevin’s Eightieth Show, In Which His Prized Shoofly Pie Won a Blue Ribbon at the Harvest Festival

Kevin’s Seventy-Ninth Show, in Which Had A Beer With a Downtrodden John Morgan

Kevin’s Seventy-Eighth Show, in which He Relapsed and Took the School’s Gauguin

Kevin’s Seventy-Seventh Show, in Which He DJed Entirely With His Feet

Kevin’s Seventy-Sixth Show, In Which He Was Invaded By Great Brigade of Trombones

Kevin’s Seventy-Fifth Show, In Which He Started a Dinosaur Fighting Ring

Kevin’s Seventy-Fourth Show, In Which He Wubba Lubba Dub Dubbed

Kevin’s Seventy-Third Show, in Which He Replaced the Oils in His Body With Summerweight

Kevin’s Seventy-Second Show, In Which He Was Breaded and Deep Fried in Canola Oil

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