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My Full name is William. People tend to refer to me as Will. I'm very Will and have lots of Will-like qualities. I'm an expert in Williamery and have degrees in Williamology. I have been described as Williamesque and have been known to Williamize everyone and everything around me. Depending on my disposition I introduce myself as William, Willy, Willy B, Bill, Billiam, Billy, Billy B, Ralph or usually just Will. Old friends call me Huro or totally mispronounce my last name. But that's coolio. Besides that and a plethora of other nicknames, its understood by this time I basically respond to any noises that even closely resemble my name, hehe...Not sure exactly who first said the proverb, "Where there's a Will there's a way" but whoever it was know's whats up. Remember that a William saved is a William earned and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, make sure it tastes sweet and then go listen to "The Jamtastic Voyage" every Sunday night!


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Jamtastic Voyage 5/13/12, 6-8 PM feat. The Cornerstoners

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The Jamtastic Voyage 10/30/11

The Jamtastic voyage 10-14-11 Bluegrass Night for Magnoliafest 2011 by Willy B a.k.a. Will Hurwitz

The Jamtastic voyage 10-8-11 Bluegrass Night for Magnoliafest 2011

THe Jamtastic voyage 10-2-11

the jamtastic voyage 9-25yourider—11

The Jamtastic voyage 9-11-11

The Jamtastic voyage 8-21-11

The Jamtastic voyage 8-14-11

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