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7 Reasons Why Arming the Syrian Rebels Is A Bad Idea

  1. Obama’s “red line” was the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war— and now the US is arming the rebels. The incident of the use of sarin gas on the battlefield only caused 150 deaths compared to the 90,000 deaths caused by conventional warfare.
  2. We’ve seen the same rhetoric pre-Iraq war with the promise of WMDs as a reason to intervene militarily.
  3. We’ve also seen the same premise of arming the rebels to defeat a common enemy of the people and the United States (The Mujahideen in Afghanistan). 
  4. The types of military support the US is offering is not enough to topple Assad’s regime but only to exacerbate an already bloody war. 
  5. We have no way of controlling who the arms are given to. Al-Nursa is one of the opposition groups that have openly stated their connection to al-Qaeda.
  6. Supporting the rebels does not mean we have allies in this war. Non-state actors are unpredictable and don’t need to claim allegiance to any country.
  7. Syria has become the stage for competing international interests in the Middle East. Russia and Iran supporting the Assad regime and the West (US, UK, France, Germany) supporting the opposition; making it a proxy war.

Meg McGee | Counterpoint

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By Meg McGee | Counterpoint | June 21st, 2013 | SHOW COMMENT(1)

One Response

  1. Jordan says

    Respectfully disagree on a few points:
    -Unlike Iraq, there is proof of chemical weapons being used. Although not on a large scale, they present significant concerns. Also Obama’s word should mean something. (1,2)
    -If the United States wanted to intervene, there is no guarantee it wouldn’t work. We don’t know.
    -The rebels are bad, yes, and are divided, yes, but Assad is a murderer, will take vengeance even after the war. I don’t think it’s tolerable to keep Bloody Bashar in power despite crappy rebels. We already know the rebs. make unweary allies.
    -This proxy war is unlikely to escalate; Putin is not that fixated on Syria, and we are at economic war with Iran anyway, whether we like it or not. Syria is Iran’s middleman to Hezbollah. Kill the beast by starving it.