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Counterpoint September 5th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | September 9th, 2014 |

(Image credit: NBC News)

This week, we had our full roster: Jordan, Mike (Fuentes), and Nicole. We started by talking about the ISIS beheading of journalist Sotloff and the U.S.-Iraqi relationship in general. We then moved to discussing the Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities’ nude photo hack/leak from earlier this week. We got into quite the discussion, and will likely be revisiting this topic in the near future. As always, hit the jump after the break to catch the recording. Keep it locked.

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Counterpoint August 29th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | September 2nd, 2014 |

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Due to some untimely interferences this week, we were back to Counterpoint: Mike & Mike edition. We started by talking about the upcoming Florida governor race. We then moved to get Mike Fuentes’ opinion in ISIS and the situation in Iraq, as he was unavailable for a few weeks previously. We finished with Mike Fuentes’ view on the Ferguson incident and gun control in general. As always, catch the replay after the break. Keep it locked.

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Counterpoint August 22nd

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | August 26th, 2014 |

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This week, we talked about the Bank of America settlement, the Ferguson situation, and ISIS in relation to the beheading of journalist Foley. This was the last show of the summer, so look forward to a fully-fleshed-out panel this week! As always, catch the replay after the break and keep it locked.

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Counterpoint August 8th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | August 11th, 2014 |

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This week was Alex’s last with us for the summer, and since everyone else was out of town, it was just the two of us in the studio. We started with David Beckham’s recent proposal to bring soccer to Miami and concluded that it would likely be a good fit for the city. Alex wanted listeners to text-in and suggest topics, so the next two — Israel/Palestine and Iraq– were listener-suggested. We started with Israel and possible band-aid fixes moving forward following operation Protective Edge and seemed to be in agreement that peace in the region was still quite a ways off. As for the ISIS encroachment in Iraq, we debated the role the U.S. should play and whether or not we retain our title of “police of the world.” We’ll miss him, but there’s always Winter Break and next summer!

Apologies in advance for the audio this week: due to technical bugs, the first minute or so was cut off. Catch the replay after the break. Keep it locked.

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Counterpoint August 1st

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | August 4th, 2014 |

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This week, we talked about the pending House suit against President Obama over his alleged over-reach using his executive powers, and some general Presidential powers discussion too. Afterwards, we moved to immigration and posited some ideas about how reform might work, and Alex and Mike Fuentes gave their views on illegal immigration and what “reform” should look like. The topic kind of wandered a bit, turning the show in to Fox and Friends: College Radio edition, but I think it went well overall. We ended with a talk about Ray Rice’s domestic violence case and professional athlete misbehavior in general. Catch a replay after the break. Keep it locked.

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Counterpoint July 25th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | July 28th, 2014 |

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This week we had Alex back with us to talk about General Amos’ recent criticism of Obama’s strategy in Iraq and what it means for the armed forces as a whole. We then moved on to gay marriage and the general changes across the country in light of the recent judicial actions in Florida. And of course, we couldn’t ignore the Israel/Palestine conflict flare-up, so we had a brief discussion on that with some comparisons to the Ukraine situation still going on. At the end, I got to do a spiel on the newly disclosed iOS developer tools/backdoors from earlier in the week. Catch the replay after the break; keep it locked.

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Counterpoint July 18th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | July 21st, 2014 |

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We’re running out of Mike & Mike’s. This week was a little more… intense than usual: Mike Fuentes’ views on topics like gay marriage tend to run counter to the “mainstream” line of thinking. That said, his opinions are no less valid simply because they are different or in the minority. I played a little bit of word volley with him and I think it turned out pretty well. We had a fantastic array of texts come in: so much so that it felt like we had a third person specifically tailored to debate Mike Fuentes on these issues. We started with the Monroe county (mostly the Keys & SW tip of the state) and the developments towards gay marriage there, and then we briefly touched on the MH17 tragedy before ending on to our usual “light and casual” approach for summer. Catch the replay after the break. Keep it locked.

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Counterpoint on July 11th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | July 21st, 2014 |

(Image credit: SheridanHouse.org)

This week, it was Counterpoint: Mike and Mike edition (again). We were pretty loose, covering everything from LeBron James’ unfortunate departure from the Heat to a bunch of Mike (Fuentes)’s more personal viewpoints on politics, the state of the nation’s morality, and some other good stuff. Not going to lie: it was pretty loose and laid-back, but we had some awesome listener text-ins, so I think it went quite well. We certainly had a good time doing the show, and judging by the texts, so did the listeners, and that’s what we really need to be satisfied. Anyways, catch the replay after the break. Keep it locked.

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WVUM News Middle East Special

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | July 4th, 2014 |

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Every now and then we get topics that are so massive and so intricate that there simply isn’t enough time to cover them on air. This is the case for the Syrian crisis a few months back, so we decided to do a podcast of sorts so we could really get into it. As we started discussing it, we thought it would be cool to get some students in on the discussion to get their point of view, so Will set out to find and interview students with ties to the region for this piece (including our own Jordan Lewis). Since we were interviewing students, we thought “why not get a professor?” and we managed to snag Professor McGuinn, an expert (to say the least) on the subject. Admittedly, this piece is late; about 2-3 months late. Aside from production hurdles, coordination of interviewees’ schedules, and other first-time problems, we finished it at an awkward time: the news had shifted away from the topic to the Ukraine situation and more domestic affairs. However, with the ISIS situation in Iraq, we thought it would be appropriate to release it now. So without further adieu, here is WVUM News’ first Counterpoint Podcast! Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Will Ng, who nursed the project from the start and kept it going through all the rough patches, Hyan Freitas, who oversaw and green-lit the idea, and Meg McGee and Jordan Lewis, who were able to reach out and get students to come on.

Counterpoint June 27th

By Mike Kanoff | Counterpoint | June 28th, 2014 |

(Image credit: Huffington Post)

This week, we had Counterpoint: Mike and Mike Edition. We started by discussing the Supreme Court’s extremely productive week, covering everything from the banning of warantless cell phone searches (yay!) to the removal of anti-protesting distances outside of abortion clinics. We then discussed FIFA and the alleged corruption therein, and speculated about David Beckham’s plans to bring soccer to Miami. We ended with general speculation about 2014/2016 and the Eric Cantor upset again (correction: I misspoke and referred to him as the Speaker of the House when I meant to say Majority Leader) and the “poptart-gun” law that went into effect recently and dabbled a little into how we should raise our kids. Anyways, hit the link after the break for a recap. Keep it locked.

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