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N4P:Veterans Day Special Featuring Navy Lt. Louis Sanchez

By Alyssa Zirkman | October 25th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

For Veterans Day, we want to honor and thank all who serve and have served in the United States Armed Forces. One of the many service members is Navy Lt. Louis Sanchez, a true hometown hero serving his country, he is a 1989 Miami Killian Senior High School graduate and for the past 5 years, has served as a clinical social worker in the Navy. He is deployed right now on the USS Bataan, the flagship of the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group. The deployment is part of a regular rotation of forces to support maritime security operations, provide crisis response capability, increase theater security cooperation and forward naval presence in the U.S Navy’s 5th and 6th Fleet area of responsibility. As the only clinical social worker serving in the BATARG, Sanchez supports more than 4,200 Sailors and Marines.

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N4P: Preserving The History of Coral Gables

By Alyssa Zirkman | October 9th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

The Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables (HPACG), is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1991. HPACG promotes the understanding of the importance of historic resources and their preservation and supports an environment in which its members and all community citizens can understand, appreciate, exchange information and live with Coral Gables history. The President of the Association, Dr. Karelia Martinez Carbonell, speaks with Shelly Lynn about the different volunteer opportunities available to the community.

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N4P: Aging Out Of Foster Care In America

By Alyssa Zirkman | October 4th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

To fully understand why the Independent Living programs were created, and ensure that they are implemented to best fulfill their purpose, it is necessary to think about how children are normally raised by their own families. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are trained in the family’s values and receive discipline to inculcate those values. Parents also help with their children’s formal education. We don’t often think about the day-to-day, common-sense information that parents also impart to their children. And until the “Road to Independence Act” was passed in Florida, children’s advocates did not focus much, if at all, on ensuring that foster children somehow learned this day-to-day information. Clearly, ensuring that foster children receive an appropriate formal education and health care services, and that they live in an appropriate foster home, can itself be a full-time endeavor.

The statistics, however, indicate just how important it is that foster children also learn all those things that parents typically impart to their children on an informal, daily basis. These things include: budgeting and money management, including how to write a check, and how using credit cards can increase the cost of purchases; menu planning, shopping and cooking; completing forms and applications; knowledge about paying taxes and timely filing tax returns; dressing appropriately for job interviews; and on and on. Those children fortunate enough to live in a family foster home, and to be stable in that foster home, can learn these things. But foster children who are moved frequently, or who live in group homes where these tasks are not modeled, simply do not learn these things. And when these foster children graduate from the system at age 18, they usually lose the adult supports they had; they are frequently unable to successfully perform the activities of adult daily living. Past studies have shown that approximately 50% of adults who aged out of the foster care system experienced homelessness and/or joblessness, were welfare recipients, or engaged in criminal activities for which they were imprisoned. This painted a grim portrait of life after foster care.

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Morning Headlines: June 18, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 18th, 2013 |

Here are some of the headlines that caught our eye this morning:

Afghan forces are now in charge of security across their country.  NATO-led forces turned over control today for the last 95 districts in Afghanistan where troops from the U.S. and other countries have taken the lead since 2001.  Turning over security control started three years ago.  There are now roughly 97-thousand NATO-led troops in Afghanistan, including about 68-thousand from the U.S.

Authorities are holding a man who allegedly terrified fellow passengers aboard a Hong Kong to New Jersey flight.  The unidentified passenger had to be restrained with makeshift  plastic handcuffs several hours into yesterday’s flight after reportedly telling the crew that everyone had been “poisoned” and that he was “dead.”  And it didn’t end there.  The man apparently dropped NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s name and claimed to have secrets from the CIA.  The plane was met on the tarmac at Newark Liberty Airport by FBI agents.  Officials say there’s no evidence of anyone on United Flight 116 being poisoned.

The FBI is expected to resume its search for the body of former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa today.  Yesterday, crews with shovels and a backhoe moved dirt at a site north of Detroit, following a tip from 85-year-old reputed Mafia underboss Tony Zerilli.  Hoffa went missing in 1975.

*Officials from Miami-Dade and other places in Florida are urging the State Board of Education to reconsider their method for assigning grade letters to schools. According to the Miami Herald, school letter grades will be decided by new exams and other similar score methods. While Miami-Dade schools have done well on tests this year, administrators are concerned that school grades will fall meaning wider implications for communities surrounding those schools, the Miami Herald reports.

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Morning Headlines: June 17, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 17th, 2013 |

Here are some of the headlines that got our attention this morning:

President Obama spoke before a crowd of mostly young people in Northern Ireland overnight before the start of the two-day G8 summit.  His speech in Belfast comes ahead of talks scheduled for later today with British Prime Minister David Cameron.  One of the big topics of discussion at the G8 meeting will be the bloody civil war in Syria that is now in its third year.

Speaking of the President, recent controversies are weighing down his approval rating. This morning’s CNN/ORC International survey shows Obama’s approval rating at 45-percent. That’s down eight points since last month and it’s the President’s lowest approval rating in more than a year and a half.

Big cases may be soon decided in the Supreme Court.  Affirmative action is one and The U.S. Supreme Court could issue landmark rulings on same-sex marriage soon, as soon as today actually.  It’s the biggest civil rights issue to come before the high court in decades.  Justices have been considering two key cases.  One involves the constitutionality of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA [[ DOE-mah ]].  It defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman.  The second case involves California’s Proposition-8, a voter-approved measure which bans same-sex marriage.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t saying whether he’ll vote for a Senate immigration reform bill as-is.  The Florida Republican told ABC’s “This Week” the bill is an excellent “starting point,” but elements need to be improved.  Rubio dismissed speculation that he’s being used by Democrats to vote on softer immigration reform.  He said his priority is securing the border and preventing a future wave of illegal immigration.  Rubio is a key member of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight.”  The group has worked for months drafting a bipartisan immigration reform bill.

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Morning Headlines: June 14, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 14th, 2013 |

Here are the headlines we’re following this morning:

Britain’s foreign secretary says he agrees with the U.S. assessment that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels. William Hague says the UK has presented evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria to UN investigators. Meanwhile, two senior western diplomats say the U.S. is looking into setting up a no-fly zone along Syria’s southern border, near Jordan.

It was exactly six months ago that 20 school children and six adults were shot to death at a school in Newtown, Connecticut.  A Twenty-year-old stormed Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th and opened fire in what would become the second deadliest school shooting in the United States.  He killed himself as police closed in.

The Disneyland employee accused of setting off dry ice bombs in that theme park is out of jail.  Christian Barnes was released on his own recognizance yesterday after a judge determined he is not a threat to the community.  The 22-year-old had been behind bars since May 28th, when he was arrested after allegedly setting off two dry ice bombs in the Mickey’s Toontown section of the park.  The judge said a subsequent search of Barnes’ car didn’t turn up any evidence the bombs were anything other than a bad idea for a joke.

A restaurant deck collapsed into  Biscayne Bay, injuring at least two dozen people, three of them critically last night.  Rescue divers and helicopters were sent to the scene at the Shuckers restaurant in North Bay Village and authorities say everyone is accounted for.  No word yet on what caused the collapse that happened as patrons were watching the Heat take on San Antonio in Game Four of the NBA Finals.  A game which they won, 109,93!

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Morning Headlines: June 11, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 11th, 2013 |

Here are some of the headlines we’re following this morning:

Federal authorities are working to file charges against the government contractor who told the news media about secret surveillance programs.  Edward Snowden provided documents about the programs to “The Guardian” and the “Washington Post.”  The 29-year-old Snowden flew to Hong Kong and has since dropped out of sight.  There are reports that the government could strengthen its case for extraditing Snowden if it first charges him with a crime.  Some members of Congress have accused him of treason.  Snowden told “The Guardian” he might seek asylum in Iceland.

The organization that manages organ transplants across the U.S. will not change the rules regarding children under 12.  However, it will create a special appeal process.  Last week, the parents of a dying ten-year-old Pennsylvania girl successfully took their case to a judge, who agreed to put the child on the list for an adult lung transplant.

The Obama administration is no longer trying to block over-the-counter purchases of the morning after pill.  That means any woman or girl will soon have the ability to walk into a pharmacy and purchase the pill, Plan B One-Step, without a prescription.  The Department of Justice is dropping its appeal of a judge’s order to make the drug more widely available.  DOJ had been battling to prevent that.

In Florida today, the process of picking a jury in the murder trial of George Zimmerman resumed this morning.  Only four people were questioned in court Monday.  Lawyers are working to get a panel of six and four alternates.  They’re to decide if George Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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Morning Headlines- June 10, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 10th, 2013 |

Here are some of the headlines we’re following this morning:

The “Guardian” newspaper has identified the man who leaked top secret documents about the NSA’s controversial spying program as a former technical assistant with the CIA.  Twenty-nine-year-old Edward Snowden worked for defense contractor Booze Allen Hamilton.  Snowden provided the documents to the “Guardian,” which published a report that exposed the NSA for engaging in the secret collection of Americans’ phone and email records.  Snowden told the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald in an interview that took place in Hong Kong that he’s afraid for his safety, but is comfortable with the decision he made.

Thousands of Syrian refugees could make the U.S. their new home.  The “Los Angeles Times” is reporting the Obama administration is weighing whether to bring some of the Syrians who’ve fled their wartorn country to the U.S.  It would be part of an international effort aimed at helping Middle Eastern countries where about one-point-six million Syrians are now living as Syria’s civil war rages on.  UN officials are planning to discuss how the mass resettlement might be carried out when they hold a meeting this week in Geneva.  Some of the states that previously have taken foreign refugees under UN resettlement plans are California, Illinois, , Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia…and Florida.

The Senate continues debating a comprehensive immigration reform bill this week.  The bipartisan measure was crafted by a so-called Gang of Eight in the Senate and provides a path to citizenship for more than 10-million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.  Critics call it amnesty.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hopes to finish the bill by the July 4th recess.  President Obama is pushing lawmakers to approve immigration reform but has not been involved in the details of the legislation.

Jury selection will begin today in the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman.  The former Florida neighborhood watch volunteer is accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self-defense while the two were wrestling for Zimmerman’s gun.

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Morning Headlines: June 7, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 7th, 2013 |

Here are the headlines we’re following this morning:

Even more revelations are coming in regarding the secret collection of data on millions of Americans by the NSA, or National Security Administration.  Yet another leak has revealed that Federal investigators are gathering information on Americans by secretly mining the nation’s biggest Internet companies. The “Washington Post”  and The Guardian were the first to  report that the National Security Agency and the FBI are behind the highly classified program code-named PRISM. The report says agencies can tap into nine leading U.S. Internet companies and pull audio, video, photographs, emails and other information that can allow agencies to track a person.

Israel is building a 45-mile fence along the Syrian border in the occupied Golan Heights.  Apparently the government’s intent is to keep the Syrian civil war, jihadist terrorists or Lebanese Hezbollah fighters from spilling into Israel.  The “smart fence” comes with razor wire and more high-tech items such as touch sensors, motion detectors and ground radar.

One day after the family of a ten-year-old Pennsylvania girl successfully sued to be placed on an adult transplant list, another patient is suing over the same thing.  Under national health guidelines, children under 12 are not eligible for transplants from adult donors.  The children of both of these families are fighting cystic fibrosis and they are hoping for a chance to save their daughter’s lives.

Soaking rains will drench the East Coast today as Tropical Storm Andrea loses strength.  Flash flood watches are in effect in more than a dozen states from Georgia to Maine.  The area includes Washington, DC, which forecasters say could get as much as half-a-foot of rain today.  Flash flood warnings stretch from Florida, where Andrea made landfall yesterday, up the coast all the way to Virginia.

As far as local weather in Miami, expect scattered thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon hours. High 87F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.


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Morning Headlines: June 6, 2013

By WVUM News Staff | June 6th, 2013 |

Here are some of the headlines we’re following today:

A senior Obama administration official is acknowledging the collection of information on Verizon calls by the National Security Agency.   The admission comes after the British newspaper the “Guardian” reported the NSA has been gathering data including numbers called, call duration and location.  .  The administration is defending the move  saying it’s a critical tool in protecting the U.S. from terrorist threats.

Rescue crews have found another survivor of a Philadelphia building collapse.  A 50-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble last night.  At least six people were killed when a four-story building under demolition fell on a neighboring thrift store.

Tropical Storm Andrea is on track to menace Florida.  As it nears, the potential increases for tornadoes across the central and southern areas of the state this morning.  Andrea’s maximum sustained winds are 60 miles an hour.  It’s about 140 miles south of Apalachicola [[ ap-uh-latch-eh-KOH-luh ]].  Tropical storm warnings are in effect for areas of the west coast of Florida.  Andrea could dump as much as three to six inches of rain over much of the Florida peninsula and eastern sections of the panhandle.

Locally in South Florida, there some reports of tornadoes touching down very early in the morning.  Expect Showers and thundershowers today. High near 85F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70%.


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