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Counterpoint Recap: Abortion


On Friday’s show, we weighed in on the House of Representatives passing of an abortion bill that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. One of our contributors, Matthew De La Fe made a moral argument against all abortions, stating that people do not care enough about the unborn children. The moral argument is certainly a valid one– but who are we to restrict a woman’s freedom to choose? The circumstances in which a woman needs an abortion are usually dire, whether the pregnancy is the result of rape or a one-night stand, it is none of our business what she decides to do with her body and her child. Getting an abortion is not a simple decision but is made with careful thought and consideration. It is no walk in the park, and it does take a toll on the woman both physically and psychologically. Every woman is left with the memory or thought of the child they weren’table to keep. This is what my pro-life colleagues are unable to understand.

The politics of the abortion debate really rely on the rhetoric we hear not only just from pro-choice but from pro-life as well. Pro-choice voters are seen as “baby killers” and I’m sure we all know someone that makes a coarse joke about getting an abortion. Pro-life voters are seen as waging the “war against women” and sometimes make insensitive comments about rape.
For example, Representative Trent Franks stated, “Rape resulting in pregnancy is very low.”
If the Republicans want to convince the American people they are “pro-women”, they need to change their tone or no one will be on their side.

If the Republicans want more children born in America, they need to vote on bills for free healthcare, education, and social services, so that women will not have to abort a child merely based on their financial conditions.

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