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Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust Conducts Annual “Point-in-Time” Winter Census of the Homeless


On January 23, the Homeless Trust, in partnership with the Miami Coalition for the Homeless, has engaged in a census of unaccompanied, homeless youth aged 13 through 24. This effort, known as iCount, focuses in areas where homeless youth are more likely to be found. These “Point-In-Time” counts are designed to assist the US Housing and Urban Development (USHUD) and The Homeless Trust in achieving their goal of ending chronic homelessness by 2015. Bobbie Ibarra, Executive Director of the Miami Coalition for the Homeless, and Constance Collins, who runs the well-respected and acclaimed Lotus House, spoke about the iCount initiative and the misconceptions surrounding homelessness. While the Homeless Trust has been conducting these counts bi-annually for more than a dozen years, all communities across the country are required by US Housing and Urban Development to count their homeless on one day during the last ten days of January.

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to this cause visit the website: http://www.icountmiami.com/volunteer

Shelly Lynn | NFP

Shelly is the host of "Not For Profit".N4P is WVUM's weekly dialogue with, and for, non-profit organizations in our community.
By Shelly Lynn | NFP | February 1st, 2014 |

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