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Morning Headlines: June 11, 2013

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Here are some of the headlines we’re following this morning:

Federal authorities are working to file charges against the government contractor who told the news media about secret surveillance programs.  Edward Snowden provided documents about the programs to “The Guardian” and the “Washington Post.”  The 29-year-old Snowden flew to Hong Kong and has since dropped out of sight.  There are reports that the government could strengthen its case for extraditing Snowden if it first charges him with a crime.  Some members of Congress have accused him of treason.  Snowden told “The Guardian” he might seek asylum in Iceland.

The organization that manages organ transplants across the U.S. will not change the rules regarding children under 12.  However, it will create a special appeal process.  Last week, the parents of a dying ten-year-old Pennsylvania girl successfully took their case to a judge, who agreed to put the child on the list for an adult lung transplant.

The Obama administration is no longer trying to block over-the-counter purchases of the morning after pill.  That means any woman or girl will soon have the ability to walk into a pharmacy and purchase the pill, Plan B One-Step, without a prescription.  The Department of Justice is dropping its appeal of a judge’s order to make the drug more widely available.  DOJ had been battling to prevent that.

In Florida today, the process of picking a jury in the murder trial of George Zimmerman resumed this morning.  Only four people were questioned in court Monday.  Lawyers are working to get a panel of six and four alternates.  They’re to decide if George Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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Editor’s Note:

Headlines collected via WVUM subscription to Metrosource news wire. Edited for flow, brevity (radio).

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