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Morning Headlines: June 18, 2013

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Here are some of the headlines that caught our eye this morning:

Afghan forces are now in charge of security across their country.  NATO-led forces turned over control today for the last 95 districts in Afghanistan where troops from the U.S. and other countries have taken the lead since 2001.  Turning over security control started three years ago.  There are now roughly 97-thousand NATO-led troops in Afghanistan, including about 68-thousand from the U.S.

Authorities are holding a man who allegedly terrified fellow passengers aboard a Hong Kong to New Jersey flight.  The unidentified passenger had to be restrained with makeshift  plastic handcuffs several hours into yesterday’s flight after reportedly telling the crew that everyone had been “poisoned” and that he was “dead.”  And it didn’t end there.  The man apparently dropped NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s name and claimed to have secrets from the CIA.  The plane was met on the tarmac at Newark Liberty Airport by FBI agents.  Officials say there’s no evidence of anyone on United Flight 116 being poisoned.

The FBI is expected to resume its search for the body of former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa today.  Yesterday, crews with shovels and a backhoe moved dirt at a site north of Detroit, following a tip from 85-year-old reputed Mafia underboss Tony Zerilli.  Hoffa went missing in 1975.

*Officials from Miami-Dade and other places in Florida are urging the State Board of Education to reconsider their method for assigning grade letters to schools. According to the Miami Herald, school letter grades will be decided by new exams and other similar score methods. While Miami-Dade schools have done well on tests this year, administrators are concerned that school grades will fall meaning wider implications for communities surrounding those schools, the Miami Herald reports.

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Editor’s Note:

Headlines collected via WVUM subscription to Metrosource news wire. Edited for flow, brevity (radio).

“*”- Denotes original reporting/content

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