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Morning Headlines: June 7, 2013

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Here are the headlines we’re following this morning:

Even more revelations are coming in regarding the secret collection of data on millions of Americans by the NSA, or National Security Administration.  Yet another leak has revealed that Federal investigators are gathering information on Americans by secretly mining the nation’s biggest Internet companies. The “Washington Post”  and The Guardian were the first to  report that the National Security Agency and the FBI are behind the highly classified program code-named PRISM. The report says agencies can tap into nine leading U.S. Internet companies and pull audio, video, photographs, emails and other information that can allow agencies to track a person.

Israel is building a 45-mile fence along the Syrian border in the occupied Golan Heights.  Apparently the government’s intent is to keep the Syrian civil war, jihadist terrorists or Lebanese Hezbollah fighters from spilling into Israel.  The “smart fence” comes with razor wire and more high-tech items such as touch sensors, motion detectors and ground radar.

One day after the family of a ten-year-old Pennsylvania girl successfully sued to be placed on an adult transplant list, another patient is suing over the same thing.  Under national health guidelines, children under 12 are not eligible for transplants from adult donors.  The children of both of these families are fighting cystic fibrosis and they are hoping for a chance to save their daughter’s lives.

Soaking rains will drench the East Coast today as Tropical Storm Andrea loses strength.  Flash flood watches are in effect in more than a dozen states from Georgia to Maine.  The area includes Washington, DC, which forecasters say could get as much as half-a-foot of rain today.  Flash flood warnings stretch from Florida, where Andrea made landfall yesterday, up the coast all the way to Virginia.

As far as local weather in Miami, expect scattered thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon hours. High 87F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.


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Editor’s Note:

Headlines collected via WVUM subscription to Metrosource news wire. Edited for flow, brevity (radio).

“*”- Denotes original reporting/content.

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