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Counterpoint on July 11th


(Image credit: SheridanHouse.org) This week, it was Counterpoint: Mike and Mike edition (again). We were pretty loose, covering everything from LeBron James’ unfortunate departure from the Heat to a bunch of Mike (Fuentes)’s more personal viewpoints on politics, the state of the nation’s morality, and some other good stuff. Not going to lie: it was [...]

RadioActive—Nudgenomics: The Case for American Behavioral Policy


TIME Magazine has praised Prime Minister Cameron’s government for their use of Behavioral Economic policies calling it a cheap, shrewd, and effective solution. American’s everyday are effected by behavioral economics in places as simple as your local grocery store. What if the US Government started in acting policy that utilized behavioral economics. UM PhD student [...]

RadioActive—Power, Poverty, and Guns: Are we having the wrong conversation?


Researchers have consistently drawn the link between poverty and violence — including gun violence. Yet politicians, media talking heads, and by result the general American populous consider power, guns, and poverty three seperate issues. This power-poverty paradigm is seen around the world as the most impoverished areas typically see the most gun violence. This leads [...]

WVUM News Middle East Special


(Image credit: Wikipedia) Every now and then we get topics that are so massive and so intricate that there simply isn’t enough time to cover them on air. This is the case for the Syrian crisis a few months back, so we decided to do a podcast of sorts so we could really get into [...]

RadioActive—Boy Meet Social Constructionism: Expanding Our View of the World Around Us.


As we explored previously on RadioActive — the world is made up of social constructions and we should be aware how they influence our perspections. Now that a basic understanding of social constructions have been set, we will explore some various assumptions we share based on these imaginary walls that we have established. Natalie Kivell [...]

Counterpoint June 27th


(Image credit: Huffington Post) This week, we had Counterpoint: Mike and Mike Edition. We started by discussing the Supreme Court’s extremely productive week, covering everything from the banning of warantless cell phone searches (yay!) to the removal of anti-protesting distances outside of abortion clinics. We then discussed FIFA and the alleged corruption therein, and speculated [...]

Counterpoint June 20th


(Image credit: TeaParty.org) This week, Alex and I started by talking about the evolving crisis in Iraq and ISIS. Then we moved into discussing the Tea Party-fueled upset over Eric Cantor and some general 2014/2016 election points. Hit the link after the jump for a replay. Keep it locked. Counterpoint June 20th by Wvumnews on [...]

RadioActive—Markmanship’s Silhouette: The History of Gun Laws in the US.


The modern discussion of gun laws in the United States has been heated. With media covering stories of mass shootings in schools from Columbine to Virginia Tech and Sandyhook — many have fought over whether guns take lives or protect them. Though this discussion continues, not many Americans know the history of gun laws in [...]

RadioActive—21st Century Social Constructs: Community Psychology and Unpacking What’s Normal.


Civilization is founded on social constructions that have been given meaning purposely to help society progress. These include — money, gender, race, power and many other things that we consider “normal.” But when can social constructs do more harm then good? Natalie Kivell joined us on-air to explain. RadioActive—21st Century Social Constructs: Community Psychology and [...]

RadioActive—The Art of Learning: The Role of the Arts in Latino Youth Development


Studies have show that the arts teach children that problems can have more then one solution and that questions can have more than one answer. Kareen Sanchez, first found her passion for the arts in latino youth development while she was a City Year member in LA — and will soon be leaving on a [...]