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RadioActive—#UnitedWeServe 2: Peace Corp, AmeriCorps, and the Butler Center.


Many recent UM graduates are taking a year off and serving the USA as National Service Members. In today’s reformed economy national service has opened doors most students never expected. But what service organization best fits your ambitions? Butler Center representative Audrey Kidwell came on-air to explain. RadioActive—#UnitedWeServe 2: Peace Corp, AmeriCorps, and the Butler [...]

Counterpoint May 23


(Image credit: Wikipedia) This week, we started with the Nigerian kidnapping situation and wandered all around the political make-up of the U.S., but it was a pleasant trek off the track. After that, we discussed the Clippers’ owner incident and what has changed since the initial revelations. We ended by talking about food. Sugars, fats, [...]

RadioActive—A CEO with Down Syndrome: Cognitive Disabilities and Social Exclusion in America


Could there ever be a CEO with Down Syndrome? Most people with cognitive disabilities are exlcuded from positions of social prominence because society is not designed with them in mind. What are the problems that they face and how can we fix them. Shannon Yrle, Danielle Parker, and Natalie Kivell came on-air to explain. RadioActive—A [...]

Counterpoint May 16th


(Image credit: Techyville.com) This week I was joined by Ronald Fox (recently graduated; congrats) and Sophie Baez. We started by talking about the minimum wage debate. After that, we moved on to the Brandeis (Ms. Baez’s college) withdrawal of an honorary degree from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a prominent critic of Islam and world-renowned advocate for [...]

RadioActive—Number 17: America’s Place Among Global Education Systems


RadioActive—Number 17: America’s Place Among Global Education Systems by Wvumnews on Mixcloud The United States is a global power, a leader of the free world. Yet, the average American high schooler is ranked below average in math, reading, and science skills. Why is this the case? What’s up with American Education and what’s our place [...]

RadioActive—WeRobot: Let’s Discuss Robotics and Policy.


Remember in the movies I, Robot and Wall-E how robots assisted people with everything? Like these movies mankind is progressing to a future where robots become part of our everyday. Student’s at UM Law and across the country think it’s time America discussed robotics policy and are taking an active step to start that conversation. [...]

Counterpoint May 9th


(Image credit: downtrend.com) This week, we had special guest Vicky join us. We talked about the HGTV pull of a show due to the actor’s stance on gay marriage, and the general trend of having company political positions come under public scrutiny, despite being unrelated to the products they sell. We then transitioned to the [...]

Female Empowerment: Urgent Inc.

Equity vs Equality Pic

Urgent Inc. is a youth and community development organization with a mission of empowering young minds to transform their communities. This non-profit organization is currently searching for a Youth Development Intern. A successful intern will assist Counselors and Program Managers during their Youth Empowerment Summer Camp located here on UM’s campus! To learn more or [...]

RadioActive—International Social Change: The State Department’s Community College Initiative.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.24.05 PM

The strongest form of international diplomacy are study abroad programs and in the U.S. Community Colleges have been brought into the forefront. The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program provides a quality academic program at U.S. community colleges intended to build technical skills, enhance leadership capabilities, and strengthen English language proficiency. The program also provides opportunities [...]

Counterpoint May 2nd


(Image credit: Death Penalty.org) This week, like the rest of the nation, talked about the Clippers’ owner and his recent controversial remarks. Then we moved on to Jordan’s “favorite” governor, Rick Scott and the upcoming medical marijuana legalization. After that, we spent a while talking about the death penalty: we all seemed to feel that [...]