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The XYZs of 3D-Printing

Liberator photo

<<Featured Image Credit: Michael Thad Carter for Forbes Briefly during past editions of Counterpoint, we’ve brought up the topic of 3D-printing. I figured that since this week’s show will likely be all about the Supreme Court cases, I’d take up a less well-known topic.   3D-printing: it’s like regular printing– same idea, different material– but [...]

The Constitution, Equality, and Reality


Disclaimer: As a black American, this piece will specifically focus on my race in particular in regards to the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and Affirmative Action. I’ve never been interested in the Supreme Court until this year when many historical laws regarding the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and Affirmative Action (AA) have been up [...]

SCOTUS Decision: I’m Pleading the 5th

I Plead the Fifth

On June 17th, the Supreme Court decided to pass a “landmark decision” in regards to Salinas v. Texas which impacts how one can go about claiming the right to not incriminate oneself (otherwise known as “pleading the fifth”).  The decision essentially stated that when an individual is not placed under arrest, the individual must explicitly evoke [...]

Counterpoint Clip: Eyes on SCOTUS


Counterpoint: Eyes On SCOTUS by Wvumnews on Mixcloud   The Counterpoint team presents their preliminary thoughts on the historic cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 including looks at the Voting Rights Act and two cases regarding same-sex marriage.  Aired June 21, 2013. Counterpoint is live Fridays at 1pm ET on WVUM [...]

Counterpoint Recap: Abortion


On Friday’s show, we weighed in on the House of Representatives passing of an abortion bill that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. One of our contributors, Matthew De La Fe made a moral argument against all abortions, stating that people do not care enough about the unborn children. The moral argument is certainly a [...]

7 Reasons Why Arming the Syrian Rebels Is A Bad Idea


Obama’s “red line” was the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war— and now the US is arming the rebels. The incident of the use of sarin gas on the battlefield only caused 150 deaths compared to the 90,000 deaths caused by conventional warfare. We’ve seen the same rhetoric pre-Iraq war with the [...]

Morning Headlines: June 18, 2013

Headlines Photo

Here are some of the headlines that caught our eye this morning: Afghan forces are now in charge of security across their country.  NATO-led forces turned over control today for the last 95 districts in Afghanistan where troops from the U.S. and other countries have taken the lead since 2001.  Turning over security control started [...]

MDPD’s Reign of Terror: A Lack of Cultural Understanding?

MDPD Image From Miami Herald

Growing up as the significant elder of two younger brothers, it is striking to see the precautions my parents take to raise the two young, black men even in the 21st century. Even more disturbing is that for the black community there exist a common hyper-awareness of appropriate conduct in the presence of police. There [...]

Morning Headlines: June 17, 2013

Headlines Photo

Here are some of the headlines that got our attention this morning: President Obama spoke before a crowd of mostly young people in Northern Ireland overnight before the start of the two-day G8 summit.  His speech in Belfast comes ahead of talks scheduled for later today with British Prime Minister David Cameron.  One of the [...]

Counterpoint 06/14: The Relevance of Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Our debate on the relevance of affirmative action was easily one of the most heated ones we’ve ever had on the show (a clip is below). Race is always a tricky topic to talk about when many of the issues surrounding it remain unsolved in our country. But debates such as the one we had [...]