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Audio: Yoani Sanchez at the University of Miami

Yoani Sanchez

  On April 2, 2013 Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez toured the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami and then spoke with student media members about journalism in Cuba, the stereotypical angles foreign journalists have with regards to the Cuban people and her thoughts on the power of the internet and, specifically, social media. [...]

Roundtable: Transit in Miami

Miami Transit

  The Purple Line is a pop-up transit station. While real trains won’t be passing through, the idea is to give commuters a taste of what could be: a city hub that goes beyond just another train station. In a city they feel is lacking sufficient transit options, organizers Anna McMaster and Marta Viciedo hope [...]

Counterpoint: On Drones | Episode 2/22

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

  Counterpoint 2/22: Jordan Lewis, Mike Kanoff and host Hyan Freitas tackle the issue of drones. Now that more information has been released regarding the Obama administration’s policy on using drones to target suspected terrorists–regardless of American citizenship– scrutiny of the secret world of drone warfare has intensified. The question: Is it immoral and unconstitutional? [...]

Analysis: NCAA and UM


  The NCAA-UM saga intensified with the NCAA issuing the University of Miami a Notice of Allegations regarding it’s investigation into the UM athletics department. WVUM Sports Director Chris Wittyngham joined Hyan Freitas on #theweeklyvoice to take on the controversial issues, and the implications, surrounding this case. Analysis: NCAA and UM by Wvumnews on Mixcloud

SG Debate 2013- ‘Power of U’ and ‘One of U’


  With the approach of student government elections at the University of Miami, both campaigns stopped by WVUM to promote their platforms of initiatives and urge students to vote for them.  In case you missed it, here is our joint discussion with the candidates from ‘One of U’ and ‘Power of U’.   ‘Power of [...]

Interview: Mystic Force Foundation

Mystic Force Foundation Photo

The Mystic Force Foundation is a local nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness of childhood cancer and raise the funds to end it. In an interview on WVUM, founder Silvia Vanni spoke passionately with Not For Profit host Shelly Mlacker about her mission, inspired by the legacy of her son Salvatore Vanni who bravely fought [...]

Morning Headlines: January 25, 2013

Headlines Photo

Record crowds are expected for today’s annual March for Life event along the National Mall in Washington. Hundreds of thousands of marchers and spectators are expected to turn out for the 40th annual march marking the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that led to legalized abortion.  President Obama will name Denis McDonough as [...]

Opinion: Don’t Push Charities Over The Fiscal Cliff

Since 1917, our nation’s tax system has strongly encouraged Americans to give back to their communities, and the broad concept of charity on which the deduction is based has given rise to a diverse set of organizations all dedicated to the public good. Right now, there are proposals in Congress that would make it more [...]

Afternoon Headlines: December 22, 2012

Headlines Photo

A pre-Christmas pardon has been granted by Pope Benedict the 16th to his ex-butler. Paolo Gabriele was convicted in October of leaking sensitive documents that alleged corruption in the Holy See. The Pope went to the Vatican’s jail today to tell him personally of the pardon. The Vatican says Gabriele has been released and has [...]

A Conversation With Bill Nye the Science Guy | Part I

Science Guy

For most of Election 2012, climate change and other issues related to science haven’t come up as often as they should.  In fact, not too much at all. The Counterpoint team recently got a chance to address this issue, and they did so in spectacular fashion. The one and only Bill Nye The Science Guy [...]