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The Farm Bill and Poverty in the United States

Farm Bill Cartoon

  This week, the U.S. Senate passed an extensive, 955 billion dollar Farm Bill package that will extend certain subsidies and crop insurance packages for the next 10 years. The Senate also cut $3.9 billion from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which allows low-income families to pay for food costs, through the food stamp program. The [...]

Morning Headlines: June 14, 2013

Headlines Photo

Here are the headlines we’re following this morning: Britain’s foreign secretary says he agrees with the U.S. assessment that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels. William Hague says the UK has presented evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria to UN investigators. Meanwhile, two senior western diplomats say the U.S. is looking [...]

The NSA Leaks A Week Later: What Next?


Over the weekend it was revealed that the whistleblower behind the NSA leaks was a man named Edward Snowden. Snowden is presumably in Hong Kong, although there hasn’t been any confirmation yet, other than the fact that he checked out of a hotel there recently. There has also been chatter about Snowden having a bid [...]

Morning Headlines: June 11, 2013

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Here are some of the headlines we’re following this morning: Federal authorities are working to file charges against the government contractor who told the news media about secret surveillance programs.  Edward Snowden provided documents about the programs to “The Guardian” and the “Washington Post.”  The 29-year-old Snowden flew to Hong Kong and has since dropped [...]

Morning Headlines- June 10, 2013

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Here are some of the headlines we’re following this morning: The “Guardian” newspaper has identified the man who leaked top secret documents about the NSA’s controversial spying program as a former technical assistant with the CIA.  Twenty-nine-year-old Edward Snowden worked for defense contractor Booze Allen Hamilton.  Snowden provided the documents to the “Guardian,” which published [...]

Counterpoint Recap 06/08: PRISM and Privacy


Photo Credit: The Young Turks —- On Friday, the Counterpoint team had a field day with the news that NSA has a program, PRISM, which listens to phone calls a la Verizon and stores information through frequently visited websites such as Facebook and Google. Most of us came to the consensus that the government doesn’t [...]

Morning Headlines: June 7, 2013

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Here are the headlines we’re following this morning: Even more revelations are coming in regarding the secret collection of data on millions of Americans by the NSA, or National Security Administration.  Yet another leak has revealed that Federal investigators are gathering information on Americans by secretly mining the nation’s biggest Internet companies. The “Washington Post”  [...]

Morning Headlines: June 6, 2013

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Here are some of the headlines we’re following today: A senior Obama administration official is acknowledging the collection of information on Verizon calls by the National Security Agency.   The admission comes after the British newspaper the “Guardian” reported the NSA has been gathering data including numbers called, call duration and location.  .  The administration is [...]

Sometimes Leaks Shouldn’t Be Fixed

Obama Shh

On June 3rd, the trial of Bradley Manning finally began, just a touch over three years since his arrest. He is charged with leaking classified information to WikiLeaks, and in turn to enemies of the U.S., via the nature of the Internet’s global availability. Among the leaked information, was the “Collateral Murder” footage of a [...]

Counterpoint: Plan B, School Drug Testing, Chartwells Workers Union

chartwells protest

Our student panel chats about this week in news.  This week’s show got heated with discussion of the minimum age requirement to acquire Plan B medication and whether the idea of a union for Chartwells workers is a good idea. Kevin Sands steps in for Meg as host. Counterpoint: Plan B, High School Drug Testing, Chartwells Workers Union by [...]