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Counterpoint May 1st

Missouri death penalty lethal injection

(Image credit: The Guardian) This week, we started by talking about Bernie Sanders throwing his hat into the ring for 2016, discussing his viability and relative odds in taking on the almost-shoe-in Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and how he would do on the national stage. We then moved to the botched death penalty case [...]

N4P: Why We Talk About Rape


RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1.800.656.HOPE &online.rainn.org). They publicize the hotline’s free, confidential services; educate the public about sexual violence; and lead national efforts to prevent sexual violence, improve services to victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. Listen to Carolyn Wilson and Jacqueline Sacco tell their stories. N4P’s [...]

Counterpoint April 24th


(Image credit: MSNBC) This week, we continued the passing of the torch to David, the next host of Counterpoint! We started by talking about Obama’s revelation that two Americans and an Italian hostage were killed a few months back in a drone strike in Pakistan. We then moved to discussing the Lynch nomination. We ended [...]

Counterpoint April 17th


(Image credit: the University of Miami) This week, we started with round two of the 2016 entrants: Rubio and Clinton, highlighting their strengths and perceived weaknesses. We joined the rest of our student media in covering Julio Frenk’s appointment to head The U following Shalala’s departure and shared our hopes for what type of impact [...]

Counterpoint April 10th


(Image credit: Newsweek) This week, we started with a lively debate on 2016′s newest entrant (and one of my personal heroes): Rand Paul! We’d be remiss to focus on one candidate, so we surveyed the field as well, touching on notables such as Cruz and Clinton. After speculation on 2016, we moved to our other [...]

N4P: What Makes A Non-Profit Effective?


Dr. Scot Evans, Director of the Human and Social Development Program at the University of Miami, spoke to Shelly about how he got interested in the nonprofit world. He talks about the many challenges nonprofits face and gives practical advice on how to make a nonprofit more effective. N4P: What Makes A Non-Profit Effective? by [...]

N4P: Empowered Youth

Empowered Youth

Empowered Youth is a non-profit organization that works exclusively with inner-city, at-risk young men between the ages of 12 and 19, most of whom have been referred to the program by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Colleen Adams, Founder of Empowered Youth, Jesus Mendoza, and Junior Izaguirre joined Shelly to talk about the programs and [...]

Social Justice, community development, networks for change: Local work for our local community


This Sunday on RadioActive I was joined by two Miami social change rockstars, Santiago Bunce and Camilo Mejia of Catalyst Miami, to discuss community development, social justice and the power of networks. We heard their incredible journeys to becoming activists and community organizers in Miami and beyond. We heard both theory of communities of practice [...]

RadioActive – Navigating the intersections of our complex social issues – thoughts from UM students


One of the most difficult issues we face today is in understanding how the many social issues ravaging our communities are complexly interconnected. It’s like a thread that runs through our social world, if you tug on it in one space, it inadvertently impacts another. UM students engage in two separate conversations in this episode [...]