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N4P: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Colombia

General Salamanca

Brigadier General William Salamanca, Director of Protection and Special Services (DIPRO) for the Colombian National Police (CNP), visited the University of Miami School of Communication’s Shoma Hall on April 2 at 1 p.m. to present on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). His presentation: Prevention, Intervention, and Action: The Colombian National Police [...]

Migration, acculturation and traumatic stress: A dialogue on refugees and culture

What is a refugee

  This Sunday, we were joined on air by Dr. Dina Birman, the director of the PhD program in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami, and a long time advocate and Community Psychology researcher on issues of acculturation and traumatic stress for refugees. Dina took us through her understandings of culture, acculturation, who is [...]

N4P: United Kingdom Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal


The United Kingdom Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT) is an initiative that is led by survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters, who seek to eradicate the problem of institutional child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom. Regina Paulose, Chair of the Steering Committee for the UKCSAPT, discusses the gravity of the situation, [...]

N4P: Educate Tomorrow


75% of the children in foster care are behind at least one grade level. They are also twice as likely as their peers to drop out before completing their education. Joining Shelly is Noah Youngstrom from Educate Tomorrow. This non-profit organization was founded to facilitate the educational advancement of disadvantaged youth—advocating for foster youth’s independence [...]

N4P: Lauren’s Kids


Founder and CEO of Lauren’s Kids, Lauren Book, talks about the annual Walk—Walk In My Shoes. Every year for the past 6 years, thousands of people including survivors have shown their support for Lauren’s mission to end child sexual abuse. N4P: Lauren’s Kids by Wvumnews on Mixcloud

Counterpoint March 6th

Hilllary Clinton Speaks at Emily's List Conference

  (Image credit: TIME) This week, we talked about Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and about Israeli relations in general and even a bit of Middle East politics. Then we moved to talking about the Clinton email scandal, and even though we invited Mrs. Clinton onto the show (she was on-campus for Clinton Global University), we [...]

Counterpoint February 27th


(Image credit: NBC News) This week, we talked about the looming DHS shutdown and the immigration reform debate associated with it. We then moved to talking about Oklahoma’s recent ban on AP U.S. History. We finished with a debate on D.C.’s legalization (or grey-area therein) of marijuana. Throughout the show, we asked about the gold-and-white [...]

N4P: Project DoVE


The Miami-Dade Police Department, Special Victims Bureau/Domestic Crimes Section established Project DoVE (Domestic Violence Education) in 2006. Project DoVE conducts community awareness events throughout Dade County mainly in areas that have been identified as highly concentrated domestic violence incidents locations. A Domestic Crimes Section Team comprised of a detective and a Victim Services Coordinator, provide [...]