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Counterpoint October 3rd


(Image credit: Businessweek.com) This week, we were joined by a very special guest: Louis Chan, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Louis spoke with us about the recent political unrest brewing in Hong Kong dubbed the “umbrella revolution” and we got the chance to ask him some questions to better understand what was happening. [...]

N4P: Aging Out Of Foster Care In America


To fully understand why the Independent Living programs were created, and ensure that they are implemented to best fulfill their purpose, it is necessary to think about how children are normally raised by their own families. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are trained in the family’s values and receive discipline to inculcate those values. Parents also [...]

Counterpoint September 26th


(Image credit: ThePoliticalCarnival.net ) This week, we talked about Eric Holder’s resignation and then we wandered off topic quite a bit, touching on Ferguson, and even on poverty and the minimum wage. Then we touched on education reform to round out the show. That’s all I’ve got this week: it’s first-test/paper-of-the-semester week! As always, catch [...]

Counterpoint September 19th


(Image credit: Wikipedia) This week, we talked the obvious: Scotland’s vote. Admittedly, all of us on the show had little if any personal stake in the matter, but it was still fun to consider what could have been. Then we moved on to the Ray Rice scandal and other prominent football players’ recent dealings with [...]

RadioActive – Where did I leave that Critical consciousness…it has GOT to be around here somewhere

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.21.21 PM

Critical consciousness is someone’s ability and awareness to critique the social structures around them that oppress and lead to human suffering, while simultaneously having the awareness that we have the ability to change these oppressive structures. Our guest Susie Paterson and me, your host Natalie, took listeners through personal stories and trajectories into critical consciousness: [...]

N4P: Financial Coaching and Budgeting Strategies for the Lower Income Sector of our Community


At Branches, the Achieve family of programs provides a continuum of financial services that equips and enables families to achieve increased financial stability and long-term success in life. Achieve programs create opportunity, stimulate productivity and ultimately lead to stability.Financial freedom cannot come through knowledge alone but necessitates an opportunity to exercise that knowledge. Branches opens [...]

Counterpoint September 12th


(Image credit: CapitalOTC.com) This week, due to some unfortunate turns of events, Jordan and Nicole were unable to make the show. So instead we had Counterpoint: Mike and Mike edition. We started by talking about the saddening news that Shalala was retiring from being the president of The U. We then talked about Iraq and [...]

RadioActive—Flip the What? Shaking up the classroom and how we think about learning

flipped classroom

Traditional classroom environments have become incredibly normalized in how they are thought about and how they look all the way from kindergarten through our higher education – A new movement in Education challenges the “normal” way of doing/teaching/learning and is instead opting to “Flip the Classroom”. This week on RadioActive, we dug into the Flipped [...]

N4P: The Sex Economy: Miami’s sex trade estimated at $235M

Glory House of Miami

Human Trafficking generally involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to exploit a person for profit. Laws dealing with human trafficking and slavery are not new to the U.S. legal system. But in recent years, commercial sexual exploitation, a concept that refers to a sex act coupled with a commercial transaction, has become a [...]