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RadioActive—Pretty Hurts: Media and Body Image


The current social construct of beauty on the American populous has created an unhealthy body image for US Citizens regardless of age. For a population that is 70% overweight, the goal to look like Ken or Barbie is becoming exceedingly less healthy which has some reporters begging the question “If pretty hurts, are we doing it wrong?” Current UM C&SC Master’s student Ana Mantica joined us on-air to explain.

RadioActive—Pretty Hurts: Media and Body Image by Wvumnews on Mixcloud

Michael Matthiesen

Mike is the host of "RadioActive" on WVUM.His show airs Sundays at 6pm and features thought-provoking interviews with community leaders with innovative and progressive ideas to make society better.
By Michael Matthiesen | August 3rd, 2014 |

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