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Race, Social Identity, and Generative Spaces: UM professors discuss Race in Miami


This past Sunday, September 20th, we brought the show back to a local example, a local issue: Race inequality in Miami. Dr. Laura-Kohn Wood and Dr. Frank Samson, both faculty at the university of Miami have released research that proposes a blueprint to target race inequality in Miami. Their work outlines macro-level structural changes, meso-level [...]

Diversifying political knowledge(s): Questioning whose knowledge is seen as legitimate


Sunday September 13th on RadioActive we had Dr. Linda Alvarez, Assistant Professor of Central American Studies at California State University, join us to discuss her work on challenging our dominant conceptions of who holds (or can/should hold) legitimate political knowledge. In her work, Linda counters the traditional narrative with her research on the importance of [...]

Looking back as we look towards a new year!


On Sunday September 6th I looked back on the great year we’ve had on RadioActive! The guests we’ve heard from have reshaped my thinking, provoked great conversation with listeners, and pushed us to question knowledge, reality and social change time and time again. I shared key moments from the past year through clips from Dr. [...]

RadioActive: To Systems think or not to Systems think: A conversation starring a couple Canucks


On Sunday August 23rd, Derek Alton, a fellow Canadian, joined me on air to engage in the timeless debate: To “systems think” or not to “systems think”. The conversation started with what “systems thinking” really is. We then meandered into a dialogue on the merits and limitations of the philosophical and methodological aspects of systems [...]

‘Pathways to Success’: One intervention working to tackle education inequality


Education inequality is something we hear about at every level of our education system and in every corner of the country, and it is deeply related to social, historical, and economic structural injustices that differentially impact students of colour, and students from low income communities. Communities around the country are working to tackle this issue [...]

RadioActive – Miami Thrives: Building collective power for social change


These days innovation, ‘evidence’, and pressures to make sustainable change overnight can trump long term visioning, relationship building and the power of collective impact. One local coalition, Miami Thrives, is trying to change this by building power through coalition building and development for social change right here in Miami. Miami Thrives is a group of [...]

RadioActive – Breaking out of our bubble: crossing the university/community divide


This time we had UM Human and Social Development students join us on air talking about their experiences in the Miami community. University students and local community have a long history of working together for the creation of a more just community. Whether this be through community service learning, activism, partnership building or mutual learning [...]

Counterpoint May 8th: Mike’s Last Day as Host


(Image credit: the Miami Herald) This week was my last: immediately before the show I joined my fellow class of 2015-ers on stage and shook Shalala’s hand– a bittersweet moment to be sure, but I wouldn’t even consider missing the show on my last possible day to do it! It was just David and I; [...]

Counterpoint May 1st

Missouri death penalty lethal injection

(Image credit: The Guardian) This week, we started by talking about Bernie Sanders throwing his hat into the ring for 2016, discussing his viability and relative odds in taking on the almost-shoe-in Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and how he would do on the national stage. We then moved to the botched death penalty case [...]